Do You Suffer From Lower Back Pain After Doing Deadlifts?

Do You Suffer From Lower Back Pain After Doing Deadlifts? - Fitness Health




Deadlifts are a great way to strengthen your lower body as they work your legs, glutes, and lower back. However, sometimes they can cause pain in your lower back if you don’t use proper form. In fact, here are some common form-related issues that can harm your lower back if they aren’t corrected:

  • Your back isn’t straight when you begin the exercise. Arch your back too much or not enough when you start to pick up the weight and you’ll likely feel some discomfort after performing your deadlifts. Therefore, aim to keep a straight line from your buttocks to your head.

  • You extend the weight too far forward when you lift it. Ideally, you want to keep the weight almost touching your lower body as you lift it to help protect your lower back area. Therefore, aim to skim the weight across your shins, knees, and thighs as you perform the deadlift and you will notice how much better it feels.

  • You lean back after picking up the weight. Just as you want your back to be straight when you first begin doing a deadlift, the same is true once you have the weight in hand and are standing straight up. Don’t lean forward either and make sure your shoulders are lowered as well.

  • You move your knees first when you lower the weight. When lowering the weight after a deadlift, you want your hips to be the first area of your body to move, and then your knees. Again, make sure your back is straight as you lower the weight back to the floor.

If you wear a weight lifting belt when performing your deadlifts, it may help you keep good form, but it doesn’t always. Therefore, you want to pay attention to your back during all phases of a deadlift in order to prevent or, at a minimum, not aggravate any lower back issues.

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