Suspension Training Exercises For Your Arms


Suspension training exercises are fantastic for all of your muscles. But what happens if you want to work your arms specifically? Not to worry because there are some movements that will isolate your various arm muscles, giving you the definition and strength you want in this area of your body.


Here are just a few of them:


Standing bicep pushes. Start in a standing position with your arms straight overhead and the suspension grips in your hands as you face away from where they are attached. Lean slightly forward so that your chest extends further out than your toes, your palms will be facing behind you. This is your starting position. Slowly bend your elbows so that your fists come back closer to your ears. Hold this for two seconds and then re-extend your arms until they are straight again.


Chest pulls. Another way to work your biceps is to stand facing the suspension training system, again, with a grip in each hand. Tilt your upper body so that it is extended slightly backward as if you were falling while keeping your feet firmly planted in front of you. This is your starting position. Then, bend your elbows and pull the grips closer to you, until they reach your chest, hold for a count of two, and then release them, going back to your starting position.


Triceps. To work the back of your arms, stand facing away from the suspension training system and let your upper body lean forward while keeping your arms straight and overhead, elbows at your ears, palms facing forward. Slowly, bend your elbows so that your fists go behind your head and then straighten them again, returning to the starting position.


These three exercises will give you amazing arm muscles that are strong and tone.


What are your favorite arm exercises when engaged in suspension training?









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