Suspension Training with Crossfit Loop Band

Last week I was creating different ways to use the resistance bands and suspension sets I had an idea for use with the cross fit heavy duty loop resistance band. I placed the heavy duty band around the tree and tested the strength to make sure that you could hold my body weight which was roughly 90 kg. I then attached the suspension set to the band which was looped around the tree. The first exercise I tried was a back row, this was the basic exercise for big group muscles. (Demonstrated in photograph) I was impressed how the resistance band helped me go further into the exercise. The back row exercise is perfect for upper back muscles, adding the resistance band makes it able to go further into the exercise allowing more movement, which will in turn increase your muscular range activity during the exercise.

. I was unable to complete a bicep curl as the resistance was imbalanced. I found also the chest press hard to perfect, for the same reason. Chest fly exercises were good as I was able to stretch more into the movement. 

I would only recommend a few exercises using the resistance band and suspension set combination, these would be ; chest fly, back row, squats, lunges and floor exercises (leg swings, crunches, side to sides) with this method of training.



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