Cardio Exercises You Can Do at Home


When it comes to getting healthy, cardiovascular exercise is a must as it strengthens your heart and helps keep your body in shape. But what are you to do if you don’t have a gym membership or cannot afford expensive equipment such as treadmills and elliptical machines? Fortunately, you have a number of at-home options, such as these:

  • Start dancing. Turn on the radio or download a music app and play your favorite music as you dance your way to fitness. Even slow songs offer some cardiovascular benefits as long as you continue to move while they are playing
  • Do burpees. Burpees are cardio and strength training all in one as they get your heart going while working your muscles at the same time. Doing a few sets of 10 of these each day will definitely get you sweating.
  • Jog or march in place. Even if you don’t have a treadmill, you can still get a good workout in by jogging or marching in place. So, put on your don’t-want-to-miss TV programs and watch them while working your way to a better body. Just make sure you use proper form by keeping your back straight and your head looking forward.
  • Clean House. When you are vacuuming or washing windows, the constant movement is sure to get your heart rate up a notch or two. Put your whole body into it for the greatest effect.
  • Play the Wii. Who says that video games are off limits when you’re trying to get healthy? Just use ones like the Wii that involve putting your whole body into them. Some even offer cardio fitness programs where you can play against other online competitors.
  • Resistance band exercises. With exercise band training you certainly don’t want to carry your weight set everywhere you go, but you can get a good muscle workout with exercise bands that weigh much less and don’t take up much room at all. Strength training using resistance bands is a great way to increase your cardio fitness whilst burning calories. 

It is possible to get a good cardio workout in at home and these are just five ways to make it happen.

How do you get your cardio in at home?

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