How to do a Upright Row with Resistance Bands

How to do a Upright Row with Resistance Bands - Fitness Health

Using a resistance band for the upright rows is a great way to increase the strength and density for the should muscles. The Resistance Band Upright Row is an exercise that is very common with resistance band training, It's one of the most comfortable exercise band exercises as the posture and form is easy to maintain, this exercise incorporates the shoulder muscles including both biceps and triceps. 


Muscle - 3-6 Heaviest band weight possible  70lbs plus

Strength -4-7 Heavy band weight possible 60lb-70lb 

Endurance 10-30 Medium band weight 25lb -35lbs

    resistance band shoulder raises



1. Start position – Stand and holding both handles with overhand grip arms stretching out towards the floor, slight bend at the knees with relaxed neutral back.

resistance band shoulder raises

2. 2nd position bend the straighten arms drawing your elbows towards your shoulders, complete the moment slowly raising  the handles slowly to shoulder height. Once reached return to starting position slowly and complete the exercise again until reps are completed.

shoulder raises resistance band


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