Healthy Yoga

Practicing yoga can help you live better, healthier and longer . New study shows that deep  breathing can help cure and prevent diseases. Yoga is...

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Static stretching

Static stretching is a process which you stretch and lengthen your muscles before exercise, most fitness professionals would agree that this practice of static stretching is not a great way to warm up fitness session.

Over the years fitness health professionals have conducted plenty of research into static stretching to find the rewards, still nothing has been found and set in stone to garuantee...

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Toning exercises

If you want to tone up your body,  its best to complete more reps and sets of each exercise. Beware that you always want to stay in control of th...

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Compound exercises

If you a fixated about gaining a six pack look, in every exercise plan you need to incorporate as many different muscles from around the body in on...

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Good posture

  Maintaining perfect posture requires minimal energy and effort, posture training is often left out from training plans. Its important to maint...

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Stretching body parts shoulders deltoids

Shoulders/ deltoids

stand up straight with your chest out, knees slightly bent and nice neutral spine

place both hands behind your back

Grad your right wrist with your left hand

pull the right arm towards your left side until you feel tension.

Hold for 5 secs pre exercise or 10 secs post exercise.

change arms and repeat with opposite side

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