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Simple post workout stretch. Working on flexibility is a full time job. This exercise helps stretch your abductors, and buttock muscles. 1. Sit in an L shape with your legs straight and fully stretched out toes pointing towards the sky. 2. Keeping one leg on the floor and back neutral throughout the movement. Lift your leg slowly into the air until maximum tension is reached. Hold this tension for 12-15 seconds. Then relax and complete same exercise with alternate leg. 

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Practicing yoga can help you live better, healthier and longer . New study shows that deep  breathing can help cure and prevent diseases. Yoga is one of the best types of exercise you can do, the combination of fitness and breathing can help you develop a strong healthy immune system, by opening the channels and allowing the oxygen in the blood to travel and work better. This sounds strange, but good controlled breathing techniques can offer a simple and easy way of healing  body. Good breathing techniques can help you with problems such like stress sleep fatigue menstrual cramps blood pressure arthritis...

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Static stretching is a process which you stretch and lengthen your muscles before exercise, most fitness professionals would agree that this practice of static stretching is not a great way to warm up fitness session.

Over the years fitness health professionals have conducted plenty of research into static stretching to find the rewards, still nothing has been found and set in stone to garuantee...

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If you want to tone up your body,  its best to complete more reps and sets of each exercise. Beware that you always want to stay in control of the of your exercises, I suggest that when you exercise you count to two on the way up, hold for two and down for two. Its very important that your control is maintained, if you quickly complete the exercises without any effort, your not doing it correctly, or your resistance is to low. I always say that quality is more important than quantity, exercise more slowly and its twice more challenging,...

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If you a fixated about gaining a six pack look, in every exercise plan you need to incorporate as many different muscles from around the body in one exercise. The truth behind fast effective fitness training is that if you want to get the best abs, and you want to lose weight then you need to use an effective training method.   The best method of training is to recruit as many muscle fibres as possible using heavy loads like with training methods like one rep max, squats, dead lifts,burpee's and chin ups.  To make sure that you are Increasing your hormone...

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