10 Benefits Of High-Intensity Interval Training For Weight Loss

10 Benefits Of High-Intensity Interval Training For Weight Loss - Fitness Health

10 Benefits Of High-Intensity Interval Training For Weight Loss

HIIT or high-intensity interval training refers to such a workout that switches between a short period of intense exercise and a period of either rest or a less intense exercise. In the previous years, interval training has gained significant popularity. Recently, interval training has become a centre of research with regards to human health, and it has been scientifically found that it has numerous benefits. It particularly provides various advantages for a person looking to lose a significant amount of weight in a short time.

The best part of this type of training is the fact that it can be done at any place and at any time. In fact, the exercises involved are also random as long as you can do them at a high intensity. Check out the ten benefits of interval training and make sure you try it out whenever you find time throughout your day!

How interval training cuts down fat and calories

  • According to research, doing interval training for only fifteen minutes thrice a week helps to achieve a greater amount of progress in terms of weight loss as compared to jogging for sixty minutes on the treadmill or any other aerobic workout.


  • During a high interval intensity training workout, you can burn a greater number of calories than any other exercise routine.


  • The intense exertion that you put in during the workout takes the repair cycle of the body into hyper drive mode. As a result, you easily burn a greater amount of fat after the workout as compared to the amount of fat you burn after a run.


  • People who have been trying to lose weight with diets know how tricky it is to conserve their muscle mass while trying to get rid of unwanted fat. Doing cardio does encourage the loss of muscles, on the other hand, according to research, interval training allows a person to preserve their muscles mass. Through such an interval exercise the weight that is lost is almost all from the stores of fat available in the body.


  • Interval training at a high intensity simulates an increased amount of fat burning thus helping you to lose weight in a short time.

Interval training and production of various hormones

  • Apart from providing anti-aging properties, interval training also contributes to balancing the various hormones that are responsible for unhealthy eating habits and weight gain.


  • As mentioned above, interval training stimulates the burning of fat and preserves muscle; however, it also stimulates the production of HGH by almost 45% during the next day of the said interval training. HGH is the human growth hormone and is responsible for an increase in a number of calories you burn.


  • Ghrelin, which is usually referred to as the hunger hormone is responsible for the short-term habits of eating which we call munching and also for gaining weight in the long term. Ghrelin is believed to be the hormone that stimulates appetite. Interval training involving intense exercises controls this hormone naturally. As a result, weight loss and fat burn are increased significantly.


  • Leptin also called the starvation hormone provides you the sensation that you are feeling full. Since high-intensity training also controls the production of leptin, the hormone induces weight loss. This takes place because leptin is involved in the regulation of the energy balance in the long term and is also responsible for suppressing the intake of food.


  • Research also suggests that doing interval training involving high-intensity workouts is ideal for managing the unhealthy hunger that can lead to excessive weight loss.


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