10 important fitness goals everyone should know about!


Millions of people wish to set fitness goals as a part of their New Year resolution or when they feel their body is starting to get out of shape or already is. But how many actually stick to their goals is what matters as very few do. Some of them don’t attempt to follow their goals in first place while others lose their motivation after some time. It turns out coming up with weight loss goals is insufficient for maintaining workout inspiration in the long run.

Here are a few things you should add in your life in order to strengthen your body, mind, and reduce your chances of losing your motivation to workout.

  • Step up your running game:

For those who have been working on a running program for the past few years, it’s about time that they step up their running routine and reach the half or full marathon schedule. A 5k running regime will help you a lot.

  • The 40 yard-dash:

If you find it tough to run for longer distances, try working towards a 40-yard dash. Focus on completing the said distance in 5 seconds. This will help you in gaining the perfect shape you want. Sprint training is a proven method for improving the cardiovascular performance along with reviving the metabolism. It will also help you build stamina for other kinds of workouts.

  • 50 pushups:

Pushups are the best upper body exercise which can be easily performed without going to the gym. It boosts muscular endurance, as well as being good for core stability. Doing 50 pushups in a row is a good way of losing excess weight and also building stamina.

  • Reducing the waist:

Instead of focusing on your overall body weight consider reducing your waist size by two inches. The waist to hip ratio and waist circumference are the two primary health stats which you need to know about as they are linked to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

  • Avoid processed foods for a week:

The obesity rates highly depend on the consumption of factory made foods. Apart from incorporating too much calories within your diet, they also increase the development of insulin resistance in your metabolism. So, go a full week without looking at any processed meals and experience an all-natural diet.

  • Single leg standing squats:

Performing standing squats will test your muscle’s capabilities. This exercise will strengthen legs to a great extent and increase their efficiency to you perform better while running. It can be added to your regular home workout. So, there is no need to hit the gym for it.

  • 10-second handstand:

A 10 second handstand is something you’ll definitely be able to do if you begin practicing it regularly. It will not only improve your shoulder stability and body control but will also increase your full body strength and tension.

  • Learn a new sport:

Learning a new sport will keep up your motivation to work out. Look for something different than all the mainstream activities. Adventure sports like hiking, rock climbing or kayaking will not only test your muscular strength but will also increase your overall endurance and coordination.

  • Yoga for 30 days:

Performing yoga for 10-20 minutes for 30 days will bring a significant change in your life. It will keep stress miles away from you along with helping you feel more relaxed and fresh and improve your balance.

  • Get out of your comfort zone:

Getting out of your comfort zone is the most important thing in achieving your desired fitness goals. No good ever comes from a lazy routine. Get up, work hard, stick to it and you shall see the benefits in no time.

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