10 Reasons why Airdyne bikes are better than spin bikes

10 Reasons why Airdyne bikes are better than spin bikes - Fitness Health

 The aim to stay healthy seems to be on the rise these days. Numerous people want to achieve their fitness goals, and a lot of gyms seem to have popped up all over the place. While going to a gym is a good way to get on track to a healthier body, not a lot of them offer much.

Most gyms make use of flashy exercise equipment to attract customers. Using a machine won't do you any good if you aren't using it correctly or if it doesn't offer you the means to reach the fitness goals you want. This is where the Airdyne bikes and spin bikes come in.

Difference between an Airdyne Bike and a Spin bike

Using a workout bike is an efficient way to get your heart racing and experience a tough workout. However, when it comes to choosing between an Airdyne and a spin bike which one should you go for?

Let’s go over the 10 reasons why Airdyne bikes are better than spin bikes and why you should opt for one if your gym has it.

  • Resistance Buildup

The actual difference these bikes is that a spin bike has a flywheel on the front and the Airdyne bike has a fan wheel instead of a regular flywheel.

While the flywheel of spin bikes are heavy, in Airdyne bikes the pedals featured in the machine are used to rotate the wheel which in turn uses air to build resistance during your workout. This means that the faster you go, the more ‘progressive' resistance you'll have to face. That's why an Airdyne bike is better at building your resistance strength while you exercise.

  • Works your arms

The handle of the spin bikes are fixed just like a regular road bike, but the handlebars on the Airdyne move to and fro, pushing and pulling your arms, enabling you to work and engage your arms while you work your legs as well.

  • Overall Strength

Due to an Airdyne bike working all four limbs, your core is more engaged during the exercise. This means that your body is building strength faster as compared to using a simple spin bike.

Better Cardio

While both bikes offer an efficient cardio workout, as an Airdyne bike makes you use your entire body, both arms, and legs, you'll experience a better cardio workout than using a spin bike that focuses on just your legs.

  • Calories

The Airdyne bike also enables your body to consume more calories than a spin bike because you’ll need to use all four limbs to properly use it. You can easily burn up to 75 calories a minute while using an Airdyne bike depending on your speed.

  • Durability

Another great benefit of an Airdyne bike is that it's far durable than a spin bike. If handled correctly this workout equipment can easily last you for more than a decade.

  • Price

Airdyne bikes are also available for cheaper than spin bikes. Depending on the kind of deal you get, you can easily buy two Airdyne bikes for the price of one spin bike.

  • You won’t feel bored

A complaint that some people have is how bored they get while using a spin bike. As they aren't using their upper body, numerous people feel unengaged in their workout. With an Airdyne bike, you'll entire body moves making for a comparatively more engaged exercise regime.

  • Health Reading

Airdyne bikes also come with a display screen that provides you with essential information such as the number of calories burned, elapsed time, heart rate, distance covered, and more.

  • More Focus

Maintaining proper focus is essential for a good workout. While using a spin bike, you might be tempted to use your mobile while working your legs because your arms are free. Airdyne allows you to focus on the exercise by keeping your hands attached to the handlebars.



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