What Is The Best Speed For Fat Burning On An Exercise Spin Bike

What Is The Best Speed For Fat Burning On An Exercise Spin Bike - Fitness Health

An exercise spin bike can be your route to becoming a calorie-burning beast. It is the simplest yet most productive way not only to lose weight but to increase your fitness level and heart health.

It's fat-burning potential surfaces from its ability to create a caloric deficit – a crucial phase in weight loss. You can create such a deficit by using an exercise spin bike.


How Much Fat Can You Lay Off On an Exercise Spin Bike?

The amount of fat you cut down depends on an array of factors like the level of intensity you are training at, the time duration on the bike or other factors as simple as your weight.

If we were to talk according to weight and the best speed for fat burning on a spin bike, well, someone who weighs 155 pounds could burn 260 calories with 30 minutes on the exercise spin bike at 12 to 13.9 miles per hour.

A person weighing 125 pounds can cut down 211 calories during the same time and intensity level while a 185-pound person can burn 311 calories.

Of course, increasing the intensity will increase the calories burned. A 155-pound person cycling 14 to 15.9 mph can burn 372 calories in half an hour, and so on.


Why Should You Invest in an Exercise Spin Bike for Losing Weight?

  • Greater Level of Convenience

Exercise bikes are the most convenient forms of training at home. You can fit in your bike wherever you have space – your bedroom, the garage, your terrace. Investing in an exercise bike saves you from the trouble of going to the gym (something that's quite needed during the current pandemic).

  • A Healthy Indoor Choice

If you love cycling but do not want to head out every time you want to train, an exercise spin bike comes as a knight in shining armour or on wheels. A spin bike is also a safer choice considering the road hazards related to outdoor cycling.

  • Exercise Bikes Go Easy On You

Exercise spin bikes are ideal in this regard. You get to lose weight without exerting a lot of force on your joint or ligaments. If you have knee problems, as most do, an exercise spin bike will do the job to keep you healthy because you can lower the bike’s resistance.

  • Fortifies Your Heart

An exercise bike will do good for your heart. It pumps up your endurance levels and stabilizes your heart's health. Riding a bike increases the heart's potential to pump blood and move around oxygen swiftly. The muscles of your heart will adjust to more extended and faster rides.


Should You Be Concerned About the Speed of Your Spin Bike?

The speed of a spin bike should not concern you when you are riding to toward your weight loss goals. What's essential is to maintain proper form to prevent injury and experience the best weight loss results.

Let us take a look at some of the ways you can implement to perfect your form.

  • Set your seat height right

When pedaling, your form needs to be stable and comfortable. Adjusting your seat level is the crucial step to ensure that. The perfect positioning would be to bring your seat to your hip level while you stand. Your arms should bend a bit while the feet are on the pedal.

The bike's seat being too high or too low can put a strain on the hips and knees.

  • Position your pedal

Your pedal should be adjusted in such a way that the ball of the foot sits over the centre. The positioning of the pedal determines correct foot positioning. Your toes should not be pointing downwards when you pedal.

  • Do the same with the handlebars

You can choose to adjust the handlebars as you please. However, it is advised to position them in such a way that you put minimal pressure on them, and your elbows bend a bit.


In the end, we would say that follow a consistent biking routine and adhere to a perfect form to experience calories burn away!

Begin with an exercise bike speed that your body’s comfortable with and then increase said speed from there to burn lots of calories.
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