10 reasons why I should build my own gym at home

10 reasons why I should build my own gym at home - Fitness Health


10 reasons why I should build my own gym at home

If you have enough space, having your own home gym is a brilliant investment. You don’t need to go through traffic to get there, there are no membership fees and it is more convenient if you are short of time. Read on to find out more about the benefits of having your own gym.


No fees

Commercial gyms always say they are affordable, but the funds will add up over time into hundreds of pounds. For example, if you had a £30-a-month membership, this would mount up to £360 a year altogether. You could buy a set of dumbbells for the same price, and these would be yours to keep as well as being a money-saver.


Purchase your own dumbbells

There is no limit to the amount of exercises you can do with these. The best ones are hexagon-shaped with a rubber coating, and feel more comfortable to work out with. Purchase around 3-5 sets with varying weights for different workouts, and you will gain strength and start seeing great results.


Your gym is always available

It can be struggle just to get to the gym sometimes. You might get caught up in traffic and this can waste time you could have spent working out. By having your own gym, you can work out comfortably in your own home, save time and do not have to worry about closing hours.


No need to share equipment

At the gym, other people may be using the machines or equipment you want, so it can be annoying to have to wait. Having your own gym means you don’t have to wait for others to finish, and you don’t have to adjust machines to suit you. Your equipment will always be ready.


You can wear what you like

In your own gym, there is no dress code. Working out is more than just looking good. Choose clothing that is comfortable and fits well, instead of worrying about whether it’s fashionable or not.


You can choose your own music

You won’t have to use headphones. You can turn your music or TV show up as loud as you want to make your workout more enjoyable.


You can choose equipment you really need

The machines in commercial gyms cater for a large amount of different muscle groups. Aim to select workout equipment and adjustable machines that suit your needs.


You won’t need a childminder

You won’t need to sacrifice your regime if you have children. You can workout at home with them around, without having to spend money on childcare. Also, they could see you exercising, and this may influence them to want to live a healthy lifestyle themselves.


You can inspire your friends

When you commit to working out regularly at home, your friends will start to notice the results. This may make them want to own their own gym and be more active too.


Buy your own medicine ball

This is a vital purchase, as it can be used in core and plyometric exercises. You can even carry it or throw it, and it will still give you a hardcore workout. Invest in a light, soft one first, so it is easier for beginners to catch and throw. Lighter balls will help improve your power and speed.



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