10 things you don’t know about the CrossFit Games

10 things you don’t know about the CrossFit Games

 10 things you don’t know about the CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Games is one of the most physically challenging competitions on the planet. Competitors are made to test their stamina, endurance and strength, and push their bodies to the limit. However, they need to do varied training sessions because they don’t know what challenges they will be facing until they are notified. Here are other surprising things about the games:

Two competitions lead up to the Games

The Open is the first of three stages, which are followed by Regionals and then the main Games. The Open really is open to anyone and is meant to identify the fittest competitors across all age groups. Athletes can even enter in teams.

The Games came before the Open

The CrossFit Games first started in 2007. However, the CrossFit Open didn’t start until 2011 and had only 26,000 competitors taking part. This number has grown to 138,000.

All competitors must complete the Open

This includes celebrity competitors, elite athletes and previous champions. This encourages everyone to get involved and learn from the best, as well as comparing performances.  

Masters athletes don’t compete in Regionals

Master’s athletes are split into categories such as 45-50 and 60 or above. The ones that excel at the Open just go through to the CrossFit Games.

Competitors must only do a workout once

This does not apply to you if you are aiming for Regionals or if you’re a Master’s athlete. Remember that testing your fitness is different to training it, and the Games tests fitness. Some exercises may be detrimental to your fitness. It is best to do a workout once, although you could try it again if it doesn’t go as well as you wanted. However, you must remember doing workouts again increases the risk of injury.

The Games can make elite athletes

Olympic athletes or professional sportspeople have funding to compete at elite level. Top athletes who compete at the CrossFit Games become professional if they get sponsorships to train full-time with top coaches. However, lesser-known competitors can come through and excel at the Games. You just need determination and crossfit equipment, and you too can compete at elite level of the sport of fitness.

The challenges are varied

Competitors are made to think on their toes when they are given a challenge, and need to use their fitness however they can. The Games are four-days long and have mainly endurance events, so athletes need to prepare as well as recover properly after training. Some people choose to actively recover by swimming, hydrating regularly and sleeping.

The Open is made of five workouts

Athletes have a week to do the workouts that are announced, and they must post their results onto a virtual scoreboard. These are global rankings and performances are validated by judges from the Games. Competitors can do their workouts more than once and must submit their best result before the week is up.

Reebok sponsor the CrossFit Games

The first Open was introduced at the same time as the Games’ 10-year Reebok sponsorship deal. Previous male and female winners of the CrossFit Games have won over $200,000 each.

Certain challenges take longer than others

Challenges at the Games consist of exercises which are included in a regular Crossfit program, such as weightlifting and gymnastics. Each exercise is different with varying degrees of intensity, and some can last from under five minutes and others up to 25 minutes.


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