10 Tips How to Increase Your Running Stamina

10 Tips How to Increase Your Running Stamina - Fitness Health

10 Tips How to Increase Your Running Stamina

Regardless of the fact that you are training to run a marathon, or you want to run just to get rid of the few extra pounds from your body, you need to have sufficient stamina to run long enough and meet your goals in time.

If you wish to increase and improve the running stamina that you currently possess, you need to incorporate the following tips into your schedule.

  1. High-intensity interval training

HIIT is very effective when it comes to improving the aerobic capacity you have. You should program your workout schedule in such a way that it has 3 HIIT sessions at least each week of your regime. This kind of workout helps to train the lungs and the heart in a better way. The workout routine should focus on both the lower body, as well as the upper body. You can also add a few strength moves in between your training.

  1. Plyometrics

This basically involves a set of explosive exercise which helps athletes to train their cardiovascular system. As a result, the VO2 (or maximum volume of oxygen) is improved, and the body is able to burn calories as well. Add in plyometrics like frog jumps, jumping lunges, burpees, and squat jumps to your training.

  1. Strength training

Your core and legs should have enough strength to help you run a 5k distance, and that too quite easily. The majority of the people believe that running is purely cardio; however, the strength of the core and the muscles in the legs helps to run better and longer. So, stronger muscles mean increased power, which in turn leads to more stamina and speed. 

  1. Don’t quit

If you get tired, don’t quit. Run for as long as possible for you at the desired pace and then slowly (over time) increase the pace or the distance to increase stamina.

  1. Interval training

This form of training is beneficial for improving not only your overall stamina but also speed and endurance. As the name suggests, interval training basically involves you alternating between running and pacing yourself.

  1. Music

This might sound absurd, but music is the most effective for increasing stamina. Since the rate of your stride is crucial for improving the running stamina, listening to upbeat music helps to keep moving. It is our tendency to match the steps to the beat of the music. So, take out time to make a playlist first which includes songs that can help to keep you moving.

  1. Stretching

Never forget that you shouldn’t go running without having a warm-up session. Similarly, never skip the cool down session at the end of the running session. Using dynamic stretching exercises you need to stretch the muscles and warm your body up first. After the running session, do some yoga and static stretching. Doing some stretching before running loosens the muscles which in turn lead to a better performance.

  1. Diet

Having a well-balanced and nutritious diet is crucial for improving your stamina. Think of your body as a machine, and you need to keep the machine well-oiled and fueled up to have the best performance. Try to incorporate a sufficient amount of good carbs and lean proteins in your food. To improve stamina, you need energy which can only come from nutritious food.

  1. Rest well

Don’t push your body too far, and remember to rest. When you rest, the sore and tired muscles repair themselves which is also why you should not run every day. Also, make sure that you get at least 7 hours of sleep each day.

  1. Challenge yourself

Challenging yourself will only boost your cardio workout and in turn your stamina. When running, try and challenge yourself by running up a slope. You can also incline your treadmill while running.

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