15 Best Blogs to Follow About Exercise


One of the best ways to stay current in what exercises work best, which routines provide amazing results, and what everyone else is doing to stay in shape, is to read blogs. Of course, those are the primary goals of this blog, but there are also others that provide top notch information too.

Here are the 15 best ones to consider reading, as well as some of their tag lines or “about” information so you can decide which ones are for you:

  1. Dai Manuel – “Empowering you to lead a ‘FUN’ctionally fit life through education, encouragement, and community”
  2. Dr. John Rusin – “Hardcore Strength From the Fitness Industry’s Physical Therapist”
  3. End of Three Fitness – “Simple, Effective Fitness for the Other Guy & Gal Designed to Make you a Better Human”
  4. Fitness Fan – “Work Hard, Work Out”
  5. Fitness on Toast – “Sharing the knowledge and experience I’ve gained as a personal trainer with people like you, who are just as passionate and enthusiastic about a healthy lifestyle!”
  6. Imperfect Matter – “A healthy, fitness & travel blog”
  7. Lazy Girl Running – “I help other people learn to love running and chase down their goals”
  8. Lottie Murphy – “I am all about balance, positivity, and keeping it simple”
  9. Nerd Fitness – “Level Up Your Life”
  10. Ross Training – “Bridging The Gap Between Ordinary And Extraordinary”
  11. Sock Doc – “Natural injury treatment & prevention for the athlete within”
  12. The FAT girls’ guide to running – “to help you find information about various aspects of running as a plus sized runner”
  13. This Guy Can – “Fitness, Lifestyle, Outdoors”
  14. Wedges & Weights – “I help women transform their whole lifestyle, from helping them with their nutrition, designing personalised training plans for them, and working on achieving a positive mindset and balanced lifestyle”
  15. Wholeheartedly Healthy – “Passionate about living a wholeheartedly healthy life (with a slice of cake on the side!)”
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