2 Supplements That Can Damage Your Muscles (And 3 That Won’t)



If you strive to obtain maximum health and fitness, taking some key nutrients in pill form can help you achieve that goal. However, not all supplements are created equal and a couple can even cause damage to the one area you’re likely trying to make as healthy as possible – your muscles. 



Which ones should you be wary of?



Vitamin D2 is perhaps the newest supplement raising concerns about its effects on the muscle. According to a recent study conducted by Appalachian State University, participants who took this nutrient for a mere six weeks suffered greater muscle damage after a 90 minute workout session than individuals who were given a placebo. They speculate that the D2 caused a decrease in vitamin D3 in the subjects’ systems, thereby creating the damage.



Vitamins C and E are also suspect in regard to what they do to the muscle as the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences just published research that suggests that taking higher than required dosages of these two vitamins (as defined as 1,000 mg of C and 235 mg of E) has a negative effect on endurance levels. Fifty-four people who engaged in exercise 3-4 times per week were tested over the course of almost three months and they found that the subjects who were given the high levels of these two vitamins had hindered their bodies from producing muscle mitochondria whereas the participants given the placebo had increased their production accordingly.

Which supplements help your muscles? 

If you’re trying to help your muscles grow bigger and stronger, here are three supplements you’ll want to consider as they’ve been found to help you versus harm you:

  • Creatine – This substance helps your body grow more lean muscle, as well as speeds up the recovery time after a grueling workout.
  • Beta Alanine – An amino acid naturally found in poultry, beta alanine enhances the performance of your muscles.
  • Whey Protein – This protein is heads above the rest when it comes to how it can help you gain lean muscle and lose dangerous body fat.

Taking supplements can either put you closer to your fitness goals or move you further from them. Now you know which ones do what.

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