top 10 foods to mix creatine with

Creatine is known to increase power, strength and capacity to exercise. It is already stored in the skeletal system and many foods, such as red meat. It is best taken in supplement form, but there are some foods and liquids you can take it with. 

Grape Juice

This contains simple sugars which cause a release of insulin into the body. This release allows creatine to be carried to muscle fibres. However, creatine doesn’t work with other juices as they will produce substances the body cannot use, such as creatinine.

 Sports drinks

These contain electrolytes and replace what you lose during a hard workout. Powdered Gatorade is the best product to mix creatine with, as it contains dextrose which helps recharge electrolytes.


This is tasteless and our most common natural resource. Try this with flavoured creatine to help maintain the flavour.


Many people have different opinions regarding whether this can be mixed with creatine. Some experts say it helps with absorption. Others who oppose this say the two substances will conflict with each other in the body. If you want to try this, take creatine before a workout and eat some protein afterwards.


These give you more power when added with creatine, and give you an energy boost for activities such as weight training. Dextrose is a simple carbohydrate and makes creatine more effective.


There are many conflicting reports regarding whether this is beneficial for creatine absorption. Some say that coffee and creatine both improve athletic performance independently, so a combination could work. Others argue that caffeine should be avoided because it “interferes” with creatine. However, there is no solid evidence of this so grab a coffee and add in your preferred amount of creatine.


This is warm and moderately acidic. Studies have shown that creatine can dissolve quickly as the acidity of the solution it is mixed in increases. Creatine can survive for as long as it takes for it to be mixed and drunk, and then it can be absorbed better.


Bodybuilders eat protein and creatine in the form of powders or meal-replacements. They also mix these with foods such as fish, to boost their energy and recovery.


By taking creatine with this, muscles can absorb greater amounts of the added creatine than normal. Then you will start to see results.

Wild Game

This contains protein, which increases the body’s production of insulin. The more insulin the body makes, the more effectively the muscles can absorb creatine.


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