Why Body Builders Use Resistance Bands During Competition


Preparing for competition is something that body builders do for months, and even years, in advance. So, if you’re planning to see how your physique stacks up to other fitness competitors, you probably know exactly what it is like to spend hours and hours working up a sweat in an effort to earn top honors. However, there are also things you can and should do on the day of the event to make you look even better.

One of these suggested actions includes using resistance bands in the moments before you go on stage. This makes your muscles more tone and taut, thereby earning you more points from the judges who are charged with picking a winner of the competition. 

Why resistance bands?

They are Easy to Take with You

First and foremost, resistance bands are easily transportable. After all, could you imagine having to take all of your dumbbells, barbells, and other pieces of weight equipment to the competition? Unloading and reloading them would be a workout in and of itself, not to mention that there isn’t going to be adequate space for too many last-minute “accessories.”

They Can Be Used Anywhere

Also, resistance bands make a great competition-day exercise of choice for serious body builders because you can use them anywhere. You don’t need to attach them to anything other than your own body, which means that you can easily use them backstage while waiting for your turn to show the judges what you’ve been able to accomplish with your training regimen.

They Deliver a Full Body Workout

Finally, resistance bands work every area of your body quickly and effectively. Therefore, you can add definition to your arms, leg, midsection, or any other part of your body with resistance bands that are used pre-show.

Have you ever competed in a body building competition? If so, what are your last minute tips? 




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