Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk


Even if you hit the gym every morning or night, spending hours a day just sitting at your desk can cause you to stiffen up, not to mention that it isn’t good for your health. Stretching every 60 minutes or so can help lessen these effects, keeping you more limber and in better shape despite the fact that you can’t move around much during your work day.

Here are some stretches to consider:

  • Head Tilts. While in the sitting position, tilt your head as far to the right as you can, until you can feel the muscles on the left side of your neck straining slightly under the pressure. To get an even better stretch, grab the bottom of your chair with your left hand and use your right hand to help gently push your ear so that it is closer to your shoulder. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds and then move to the other side.

  • Shoulder Lifts. The best sitting position involves keeping your shoulders down and back as this is proper posture. However, if you move your shoulders around every so often, it will help keep them freer and limit the amount of tension you feel in this area of your body. Just lift them up, bringing your shoulders to your ears, hold it for 10 seconds, then lower them back to the starting position.

  • Chest Stretches. If you spend a lot of time sitting and typing, you can benefit from stretching your chest muscles. Simply sit all of the way back in your chair and open your arms as wide as possible, as if you are getting ready to hug someone four times as big as you. Again, hold this position for 10 seconds before releasing it.

Do these moves a few times each and you’ll feel better right then, as well as for the rest of the day. What stretches do you do while seated at your desk?

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