How to Ride Road Bikes Safely During the Winter

Tips for cycling in the winter, before heading out onto the busy roads make sure you complete and check your important items.


Always wear a helmet, in the winter you need to be extra careful, darkness sets in earlier in the day and often visibility is much harder. When we lose our vision problems can happen fast, that why its important to have a helmet and to be well lit when riding the bike in the dark.


Winter can be challenging whilst riding, black ice has to be one of the hardest surfaces to detect and often when you know its their its too late. Riding with lights can is the most helpful way to detect ice and other problem surfaces, with the added benefit of people detecting you, the new led lights last for 1000 hours with just 2 normal batteries, they also give an amazing light that normally covers 4 meters length and 10 meters forward.


When applying pressure on brakes make sure you apply short and gentle brakes, don’t force the brakes in one sharp stop as its easy to lose control and skid forward.


Corners can be painful if you don’t get them right, slow down as you are approaching, when turning carefully bend into the turn with control and balance. Be aware of ice on the surface, if it looks shiny then don’t take chances.


Always have the right tires in the winter, road bikes can be hard to ride in winter conditions op for using a mountain bike instead, as they have bigger treds and are heavier on the road, this will make you maintain good safe speed. Also after the winter has passed and spring times is upon us,  you should of worked out well during the winter with the bigger treds which will help your muscles increase power.


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