Best 3 Cable Exercises for Shoulder Muscles


Having strong shoulder muscles helps with most every type of upper body movement, from lifting to pushing and pulling. Not to mention, keeping this area of your body taut and tone also makes you more confident when wearing a sleeveless shirt or a strapless dress. Therefore, if your goal is to build up this particular area of your body, here are the three best cable exercises to do it:

  • Upright Row. Take an EZ-curl bar and attach it to a lower cable. Then, stand facing the weights with your legs shoulder width apart. Hold the bar at mid-thigh height with your palms facing toward your body, shoulder width apart as well. Slowly pull the bar up toward your head, stopping once your upper arms are parallel to the floor at shoulder height. Hold for a count of two and then return to the starting position.

  • Lateral Raise. For this exercise, you will want to attach a stirrup handle to a lower cable. Stand sideways with your right side facing the weights, holding the stirrup handle in your left hand with your palm facing toward your body around waist level in front of your right hip. Slowly pull the handle out to your left side until your arm is fully extended at shoulder height. Hold for a count of two and then return to the starting position. Repeat on the opposite side.
  • Front Raise. Attach a straight bar to a lower cable and stand facing away from the weights with the cable in between your legs, the bar at mid-thigh height. Your feet should be shoulder width apart, knees bent, and back straight as you lean slightly forward. Raise the bar up and lift it in front of you until your arms are fully extended at shoulder height. Pause for a count of two before lowering to the starting position.

Perform these top three cable exercises regularly and your shoulders will undoubtedly look amazing. Which one of these is your favorite and why? Share your comments below!

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