what’s the best equipment for circuit training at home?


Circuit training involves alternating between cardiovascular and strength training exercises, giving your heart and the rest of your muscles a great workout. Therefore, if your goal is to engage in this type of fitness regimen at home, you’ll want to get some equipment. Here are some of the best pieces that will offer you a solid workout without costing a lot of money or taking a lot of space:

  • A Treadmill. For the cardio part of your circuit training, a treadmill is a great way to go. As your fitness progresses, you can increase the speed and incline. Plus, most options allow you to fold up the machine, allowing you to save some space when it isn’t in use.
  • An Elliptical Machine. If you’re not fond of walking, jogging, or running (or if you have knee problems that prevent you from doing this type of exercise), then an elliptical machine is another cardio option that is easier on your lower body and you can easily do it at home.
  • Resistance Bands. The strength training sections of your circuit training can be maximized by buying a quality set of resistance bands. Use them to tone and strengthen your arms, legs, and core, then stash them under the couch or in the closet in between training sessions to keep them out of the way.
  • Hand Weights. Another at-home strength training option to resistance bands in hand weights. Although they tend to be more expensive and take up a bit more room, they are a great alternative to helping you build bigger and stronger muscles.
  • Medicine Ball. Just as resistance bands and hand weights are effective pieces of equipment to buy and use at home, so too is a medicine ball. Not only will it test your strength and endurance during your circuit training sessions, but it is also easy to store because it is so small in size.

If you currently engage in circuit training at home, what type of equipment are you using?

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