Resistance Training at Home for Beginners

Resistance training is a great way to grow your muscles bigger and stronger, and it is something you don’t have to go to a gym in order to do. All you need is a plan, knowledge of some resistance training basics, and a few pieces of equipment to get yourself started.

The Plan

If you’re new to resistance training, then you want to add this form of exercise to your current routine just two times a week. Once your body becomes used to working your various muscle groups, then you can slowly increase to three or even four times weekly. Aim to spend anywhere from 25-60 minutes per session.

Some Resistance Training Basics

To work your body safely and effectively, here are a couple resistance training basics:

  • Space out your training days. If you’re just beginning and doing two sessions per week, you’ll want to space your strength training days out, maybe doing one on Monday or Tuesday, for instance, and then doing the second session on Thursday or Friday. However, once you get up to four days a week, the key is making sure you don’t work the same muscle group two days in a row as they need 24-48 hours to recover.

  • Choose the right resistance for you. Essentially, you don’t want resistance that is so light it doesn’t do you any good or so heavy that you have to sacrifice your form. Ideally, you want a resistance that allows you to do 10-15 reps before feeling like you can’t do one more.

At-Home Resistance Training Equipment

Of course, you are going to need resistance training equipment, so one low-cost option is resistance bands. You could also make your own weights by using sand bags or water bottles as each one can give you a great at-home workout for just a few pounds.

If you have any questions about resistance training at home, feel free to post them below!

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