How to Get the Most from Exercising with Heavy Duty Resistance Bands


Resistance bands come in a variety of different intensities allowing you to easily pick the one that best suits your particular level of fitness. So, if you’ve progressed beyond the light and medium resistance levels, it may be time to take the next step and go for the heavy duty resistance bands which are made for more intense physical exercises. How do you get the most from them?

For starters, you can use them to add more resistance to your weight lifting routine without having to add more weight plates to the bar. Simply hang the resistance band over the bar and then secure it to weight plates or dumbbells on the floor. This pushes your muscles to grow at faster rates, resulting in more power and strength. (Note: Your goal isn’t to raise the weights off the floor, but rather to let them provide some additional resistance, so be sure to use long enough heavy duty resistance bands to allow for the distance between the bar and the floor.)

Another option is add the use of heavy duty resistance bands to your cardio routine. This can be accomplished fairly easily by using a few of these bands to anchor you to a solid point (such as a flag pole, playground equipment, or any other fixed item) and then trying to run forward against the resistance. If you don’t have a fixed item available, you can also have a workout partner hold the end of the band to provide you with additional resistance.

Finally, heavy duty resistance bands can be an integral part of your suspension training routine, adding more intensity and providing a better workout. They can also help you to incorporate your legs in various upper body exercises, giving you a full-body routine that will increase your muscle mass and make you more fit and tone.

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