Best Resistance Bands on the Market

When it comes to purchasing resistance bands to tone your body and make your muscles bigger, quality matters. After all, if you buy a cheap set of bands, the money you will have saved could likely be spent over and over again when you have to buy replacement ones because the older ones broke. Therefore, here are some things to watch out for to ensure that you are getting the best resistance bands on the market:

  1. Bands of varying strengths

Because you’re likely going to be using the resistance bands on various body parts, buying a set that offers varying strengths is key to getting a full body workout. Ideally you want one that includes bands offering light, medium, and heavy resistance. However, some of the higher quality ones contain even more bands to cover medium light and medium heavy resistance, offering even more workout options yet.


FH Pro Extreme Heavy Band 70 Lbs 

Extreme heavy bands are offered by a few suppliers, these bands are high strength and are  normally too hard to exercise with. As they're extreme tension you are restricted by the range of movement, and sometimes having the heaviest band doesn't mean your going to gain the best results. Resistance band training sets offer a number of alternative exercises with the added benefit increasing the resistance or weight by adding more bands to the handles, making it easy to adjust the weights for different exercises, meaning that the resistance band set is more flexible and beneficial than the extreme heavy band. There are a number of different suppliers that supply extreme heavy duty resistance bands and resistance band sets. Here are some of the top suppliers are:

1. Bodylastic

2. ElastiTone 

3. Ripcords

4. FH Pro 


  1. Durable straps and/or handles

The last thing you want is to have a leg strap or handle break when you’re in the middle of your workout, so you want to look for resistance bands that come with straps and handles that are well-made. Nylon webbing is one option to consider as it has been found to withstand the strength of the resistance bands time and time again. (Tip: Be sure to look for handles covered in foam so they are more comfortable.)


  1. Solid Door Anchors

If you buy resistance bands that can be anchored to a door, make sure the door anchor is solid and able to support the pressure that the bands are going to create. This is certainly one area where you don’t want to skimp on quality, so take the time to inspect the anchor itself and make sure it will work for your particular needs.

Buying high quality resistance bands, the best on the market, means that you’ll get a safer and more effective workout. What are some other things you look for in resistance bands? Feel free to share them below!

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