3 best ways to increase the tension with your resistance bands


Fortunately, resistance bands come in varying strengths so you can choose to use the ones that correspond with your current fitness level. However, as your strength progresses, you’re likely going to want to increase the amount of tension they provide so that you get a better workout.

Here are three ways to do that:


Double Up. One option for you when it comes to getting a more intense workout is to double up your resistance bands. This means that you are going to be using two bands at the same time, thereby providing more resistance for your muscles to work against as they grow. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to tailor your resistance even more by pairing bands of different strengths together to provide just the right amount of opposition



Fold It In Half. Another suggestion is to simply take your exercise resistance band and fold it in half. This provides twice as much resistance for whatever muscles groups you are working without having to purchase any more bands. And this option is great if you need a lot of extra resistance when working your bigger muscle groups, such as your back or thighs.


Create a Loop. The third best way to increase the tension with your resistance band is to create a loop with it and stand on it to shorten the length of it. This works extremely well for most resistance band exercises, giving you a more intense workout using smaller lengths of bands.


Use any one of these three options and you will get stronger muscles without having to go buy a bunch of bulky and expensive exercise equipment.

Which one of these do you use? Which exercises do you find that an increase in tension is more beneficial?

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