Top 10 Metabolic Boosters

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 Top 10 Metabolic Boosters

The key to losing weight and keeping it off is boosting your metabolism as often as possible throughout your day so your body’s fat burning furnace is always on high. How? Simple. Just do these 10 things. Often.

  1. Engage in interval training. Interval training has been found to have many metabolism boosting effects. To do it, alternate between low and high intensities within your workout sessions.
  2. Increasing workout intensity. Another option is to take your current workout and kick it up a notch. Or two.
  3. Upping workout duration. If you’re already working out hard, you can also lengthen the time that you’re exercising to obtain the same metabolic boosting effects.
  4. Lifting weights. The more muscle you have, the higher the number of calories your body burns all day long. So hit the weights at least three days a week to build your physique and your calorie burn.
  5. Drinking more water. Your body can’t function properly without water, which makes staying hydrated critical to bumping up your metabolism.
  6. Eating more protein. Protein is a great metabolism booster, so add more lean meats, nuts, beans, and eggs to your diet to burn a higher amount of calories.
  7. Eating more fiber. Because your body works hard to digest fiber-rich foods like veggies and fruit, your metabolism rises after eating them.
  8. Having a cup of coffee. Get a positive energy (and metabolism) boost by drinking a cup of coffee when you feel your energy lagging.
  9. Having a cup of tea. Prefer tea instead? That’s okay because it can also pick up your metabolism—especially if it’s green.
  10. Making your meals spicy. Add hot peppers to your meals and your body will thank you by burning even more calories (hence the sweat).

Anything I’ve missed? Feel free to add your metabolism-boosting ideas below!

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