Best 10-minute fitness home workouts money can’t buy

Best 10-minute fitness home workouts money can’t buy

Too lazy to go to the gym? Does all that heavy machinery make you nervous? Here are ten simple workouts that are not only easy but can be done in the comfort of your room.

  1. The Cobra

This routine is bound to relax your muscles and make you feel fresh! All you have to do is lay down, your torso area should be facing the yoga mat. This will allow your back to form an arch .This exercise can not only help you get rid of spine problems but is really good for toning the body. It definitely deserves to be a part of your daily morning routine.

2 sets (each 40 seconds)

  1. The Ballet move

The ballet move is another simple workout that is as easy as eating a piece of cake! This one involves lying sideways with your elbow touching the ground. This best thing about this exercise is that you can even do it on your bed. Once you are in a sideways position, lift your leg and stretch it outwards gently .Once this is done, bring it back slowly. The ballet move is guaranteed to reduce thigh fat and acts as a booster in slimming legs.

3 sets (60 seconds for each leg)

  1. Bridge

Say hello to a relatively easy workout known as the bridge!! The name is self-explanatory, and it can result in slimming of the waist. It involves lying down and lifting your waist a few inches above your yoga mat. The waist should be kept few inches below the knees which will, of course, be bent. This routine not only ensures a straight back but relaxes the neck after a busy day at work.

4 reps (30 seconds each)

  1. Star Jump

This one will surely make you feel like a star! It is great for the whole body; it can definitely become a part of your daily regime. The star jump starts with stretching the arms and legs.Then, and one is required to jump slowly maintaining balance at the same time. You’ll enjoy doing this one, without a doubt.

3 sets (15 times each)

  1. Plank

Now that we’re half way through the workouts, it’s time to try an exercise that’s a little tougher than the rest.However, it is the most rewarding. It does not only rid the body of excess fat but helps to tone the arms, waist and thighs. In order to do this workout, one must place their arms on the yoga mat and lift the waist; the toes should be touching the ground. One set can last for approximately 30 seconds.

2 sets (each 30 seconds)

  1. Leg lifts

How can any routine be complete without leg lifts .This exercise involves lying down, back facing the ground .Remember to keep those legs straight and as close as possible!!Now, gradually lift one leg above the ground. When bringing it back, ensure that you do it at the same pace instead of hurrying. This exercise strengthens the leg and thigh muscles, also is good for getting rid of hip fat.

4 sets (each 15 seconds)

  1. Lying down squats

The term squats scare many people, but this is a version that is hassle-free! First of all, you are required to lay down on your mat or bed. After this make sure you lift both your legs up, both your legs should be crossed. When bringing them down, make sure one leg presses the other. This exercise is very useful for the waist, upper thigh area, and calves.

3 sets (15 seconds each)

  1. Scissor exercise

This one is dedicated especially to arms! For this routine ,one is required to stand without slouching .The arms and feet should be stretched .Now when bringing the arms together ,they should form the shape of the letter ‘x.’It sounds fairly uncomplicated, doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for, give this a try. Remember to sway both the arms! The scissor is also beneficial for upper body strength.

3 sets (20 seconds each)

  1. Glute kickbacks

It seems we have reached the second last routine! Glute kickbacks are really good for lower body stamina, stomach, and thighs. One is required to place their knees on the yoga mat; the hands should be under the shoulders. The back is to be kept straight. Now maintaining a stationary position, stretch one of your legs outwards as if you were kicking behind. Do the same with the other leg.

4 sets (15 seconds each)

  1. The Woodpecker

So we saved the best for last! The one starts with stretching one leg and bending the other one .Now move your arms in a circular motion from the knee to above the head. The workout regulates muscles of the whole body and makes you feel like a shiny silver dime !

2 sets (30 seconds each)

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