Best Exercises To Do At The End of a Workout

Best Exercises To Do At The End of a Workout - Fitness Health


Have you ever heard fitness trainers tell you that you should end the workout on a low note? While leaving the gym, you want to feel better as compared to when you walked in. You want to end on such a note that your brain is flooded with endorphins and you feel energetic.

End your workout with a fantastic finisher that will aid you in burning extra calories even once you’ve stopped exercising, improve cardiovascular fitness, and help you remain energetic.

Here are some exercises you can do before you finish the workout session.

The fat assault

For this finisher, the equipment you need is a stationary bike. This exercise basically involves sprinting for 15 seconds and then resting for 15 seconds. This is to be repeated for a total of 10 times.

The stationary bike comes without a motor; however, it does have a fan in the front wheel which provides wind resistance. The harder you pedal your legs and pump your arms, the more resistance you have to face.

Since the exercise is easy on the joints, you can easily deliver a high-impact hit to the lungs and the heart without injuring yourself.

500-meter row

For this finisher, you need to have access to a rower. This exercise involves you rowing as hard as possible for only 500 meters. Just like the first exercise routine, the rowing routine is easy on the joints; however, the focus of this exercise is different.

The 500-meter rowing focuses more on the endurance of your muscles. With this exercise routine, there are no short-burst sprints so you would need to use up the stores of aerobic energy to finish 500-meters.

The body weight blitz

For this finisher, there is no equipment needed. You just need to do the following exercises back-to-back. Between the following exercises, you are not allowed to rest, and you need to repeat the routine three times after you are done with the workout.

First, you need to do 10 reps of burpees, then the mountain climber for 30 seconds, and then the body saw for half a minute. If you don’t have access to various exercising equipment then there is no need to skip the finishers that are quite effective in cutting down fat.

Performing a high-intensity routine at the end of the workout session without taking a break makes the muscles burn and the heart to become stronger. The best thing about this routine is that it can be done anywhere; you only need some space along with a towel to keep you dry.

High-intensity cardio activity

You can also pick out any high-intensity cardio routine and perform it at a ratio of 1:3 work-to-rest which means that you exercise for 20 seconds and then take a break for a minute. This routine is to be repeated 4 times to 8 times. If you want to increase the intensity, then you can reduce the work to rest ratio.

A few tips

For a finisher, pick an activity that you know well, and you wouldn’t have to think too much when performing it. Some activities you can choose can be indoor rowing, sprinting on a treadmill, sled sprints, or kettlebell swings.

When you pick an exercise you are familiar with; you can focus more on the intensity. Doing an exercise you know also helps to avoid injury as you will be doing the exercises in a fatigued state during your post-workout session.

Remember that intensity is the key, so you have to give it all that you have. Also, make sure that you give your body the time to recover. Moreover, since the exercise is high-intensity, limit the finisher to a maximum of ten minutes.

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