booty bands resistance exercise do they really work?


Booty Band

Booty bands also go by the names of “Mini Bands,” “Butt Bands” or “Hip Bands.” These are basically bands made from rubber in the shape of a loop. The tightness of the loop depicts the resistance of the band. These loops are designed for a full body workout especially the thighs, legs ankles, feet, and buttocks. It can be used for shoulders and arms also.

Uses of Booty Bands

Booty bands are being effectively used for;

  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Rehabilitation purposes
  • Sports and fitness training
  • Workouts done at home

How to Use Booty Bands

The booty band loops are placed around the area which needs the workout. These areas may be the thighs, legs, ankles, feet, shoulders or the arms. The respective body part is made to work against the resistance provided by the band. These resistant movements have proven to be an excellent workout which provide efficient fat burning along with increasing the muscle strength.

Benefits of Using Booty Bands

Booty bands boast innumerable benefits which are listed as under;

  • Cost Effective

They are easily available online and at a rate that is much lower than any gym membership or exercising equipment sold in the market.

  • Multiple Fitness Levels Available

 It does not matter where you stand on the fitness grade. Booty Bands can cater from beginners to professionals. Beginners can start with increasing their muscle strength to tightening of their gluteal muscles. Whereas, advanced users can use multiple bands, to increase the intensity and resistance of their workout.

  • Multiple Exercising Options with Bands

Bands are very versatile and can easily replace free weights or gym machines where strengthening or resistance training is concerned.

  • Full Body Exercise

Booty Bands can be effectively used to exercise the whole body. Each body part can be targeted and exercised for optimum strength and toning with these bands.

  • Upper Body Exercise

Basically, Booty Bands are made for toning and strengthening the buttocks and the gluteal region. But they can be very effectively applied for upper body workouts too.

  • No Storage Needed

Booty Bands require no space for storage. Whether you have space problem due to small accommodations or you do not have space for large bulky gym machinery, Booty Bands, without compromising any space, give you the best workout any gym could give. Just fold it and stuff it anywhere.

  • Travel-Friendly

Booty Bands can be easily packed in any corner of your luggage. This comes especially handy for those fitness conscious individuals who do not want to miss a single day of their exercise routine even on holidays.

  • Add Variety to your Workout

Repeated exercises make your muscles adapt to that routine, due to which effectiveness of an exercise may be lost over time. Booty Bands can be

  • Safe and Easy to Use

Booty bands can be safely used professional or at home without any supervision or specialists help.

  • Proven Effective for Butt Workout

It has been proven that Booty Bands Resistance exercises not only help in losing weight through effective body fat burning but it also increases the stamina, flexibility, strength, and range of movement of the exercising areas.

Do Booty Bands Work

Overall reviews prove that Booty Bands has got very satisfied customers especially the ladies. Booty Bands have been found to be very effective in the wholesome contouring of the butt along with strengthening and toning of the associated muscles. Combined with a well-balanced diet, Booty Band exercises have proven to be an affordable, lightweight and very effective workout regime for losing weight, enhancing the butt volume, shrinking the waistline, in short, a transition into a healthier, sexier body shape.


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