Leg Resistance Loop Bands: Great Way to Focus on Your Lower Body Strength

Leg Resistance Loop Bands: Great Way to Focus on Your Lower Body Strength - Fitness Health

 Leg Resistance Loop Bands: Great Way to Focus on Your Lower Body Strength

Resistance loop bands are used for a number of fitness-related purposes. They have a number of benefits and are ideal for exercises targeting the lower body.

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Benefits of resistance loop bands

Resistance loop bands have become common training equipment, primarily, because of the following benefits:

  1. Complete body toning with a low-impact

Resistance bands provide a total-body, comprehensive toning workout which doesn’t have a lot of impact on the joints. So, you can continue to say fit without putting too much strain on your joints.

  1. It provides numerous fitness benefits

Resistance bands are one of the simplest fitness tools and are effective for strengthening and toning muscles. Moreover, they are great for boosting endurance and stamina. If they are regularly used, they can increase the flexibility and range of motion significantly.

  1. They can be used by everyone

Since resistance bands come in various strengths ranging from light to heavy, they are ideal for people of different ages and fitness levels. The bands can provide a resistance ranging from 2 pounds of weight to up to 30 pounds or more.

Not only are these bands ideal for casual exercisers and for those who love to work out on the weekend, but these are also great for professional athletes who want to build their strength levels. Similarly, seniors looking for such a low-impact workout which provides numerous advantages without stressing the body can also benefit from resistance bands.

  1. They are portable, compact, and light

Since these resistance bands are compact and light, they hardly weigh anything which also means that they don’t take much space at all. Resistance bands are great for people who travel a lot but want to do some toning exercises as soon as they have time to spare. 

  1. They are inexpensive

Substantially, resistance bands are less expensive to buy than weight machines, kettlebells, and hand weights.

How can you use leg resistance loop bands?

These bands can be used for many different leg exercises including the following:

  1. Resistance Squats

This is an easy exercise to do for beginner. Wear the resistance band on your legs, make sure that it above your keens and is going around the thighs. Now, keeping your legs at least shoulder width apart, come down into a normal squat.

Make sure that your back is straight as you’re going down. Depending on the level you’re comfortable with, you can decide not to squat too low if it’s causing you any king of discomfort. Once you’re attached a squatting position, come back up. Try and repeat this at least 10 times.

  1. Resistance Squat – Pulse

To give yourself more of challenges, with the resistance loop band around your thighs, come down into a squat. However, instead of going back up, hold the squatting position and gently move up and down with your knees without coming out of the ‘squat’ position.

Try and do this for at least 30 seconds and then stand up. Make sure that your back remains straight throughout this exercise.

  1. Resistance Leg Raise

Stand with your feet about shoulder length apart. The resistance loop band should be around your thighs, away from the knees. Now, try and raise your left leg to the side, working against the push from the loop. Hold the leg up for a few seconds and come back to normal standing position. Repeat the same process with your right leg.

As mentioned, leg resistance loop bands are great if you’re thinking of building strength in your legs as well as getting rid of unwanted weight while keeping it low-impact. 

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