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The resistance bands and free weights both have their own pros and cons. Resistance bands are convenient since you can bring them anywhere with you and use them conveniently at any time. If we talk about free weights, they are more of an advantage if the person wants to build muscle mass as they give a more natural movement compared to resistance bands which offer resistance in a fixed degree. However, resistance bands are often used by physical therapists for rehabilitation purposes.


So resistance bands give you resistance at a fixed resistance not letting the force of gravity work along with it? That definitely sounds like resistance bands do less than free weights! You are right that resistance band exercises are better to use during rehab, but since resistance bands are weaker than free weights, resistance band exercises during rehab should be used as a way to build up strength gradually.


Free weights do give a better resistance by letting gravity work along with the resistance but if you move your arms in a resistance band way, you are using resistance which is more similar to how your muscles work so resistance band exercises are better for rehab.


Most resistance bands are between 30 and 35 pounds, whereas the weakest resistance of any free weight that can be found in gyms ranges from 10 to 20 pounds (5-10 kg). The weights vary depending on resistance band quality and resistance level. The resistance is always measured in pounds, kilograms or resistance units (RU).

A resistance band with a resistance of 30 to 35 pounds is able to provide a good enough resistance for muscle building purposes, but can be too light for anyone looking to build strength. As the article says, most bands have a resistance of 30-35lbs, but resistance bands with a resistance levels around 5kg - 10kg would be more appropriate for those looking to build strength.

The resistance level can be measured by how many resistance units (RUs) the resistance band provides. A resistance unit is defined as the number of centimeters which you need to stretch out a resistance band in order to increase its resistance by 1 pound.


Since resistance bands are easy to carry and less expensive than free weights, they can be used in many ways such as: mainly for resistance training, home workouts when you don't have access to a gym or when travelling. So do resistance bands work? Of course resistance bands will provide resistance when stretched out, resistance bands can be used to increase resistance in simple movements such as curls and lateral raises.

 lateral raises with resistance


Conclusion: resistance band exercises can be a great way to strengthen the body whilst with resistance training can build strength. But when it comes to building muscle with Resistance bands you would be better off using free weights and machines as the overload can be much greater from this training method which will help you build muscle faster. resistance band workouts are a great option when you don't have access to a gym or travel ! 


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