Does weight lifting prevent brain degeneration?

Does weight lifting prevent brain degeneration? - Fitness Health

 Research conducted has revealed shocking results that lifting heavy weights can protect the areas of brain and specially those areas where Alzheimer’s disease is about to occur. The study conducted revealed that strength training provided great benefits to cognitive performance.

Degenerative brain disease occurs due to the decline and death of nerve cells known as neurons. As time passes by, this problem can get quite serious until a lot of neurons die and causes Alzheimer disease. Causes vary from one individual to the other however, the good thing is that strength training can prevent the occurrence of brain degeneration.

What is strength training?

Strength training is a physical exercise in which contraction of the muscles is done repeatedly as opposed to a force, by use of any gym equipment. After six months of leaving the training and exercise, results showed there was a definite improvement in patients who had brain diseases.

A study was conducted on 100 people who were suffering from the Alzheimer disease because of mild cognitive impairment. They were split into groups and each group was given computerized brain training, strength training as well as a mix of both.

Candidates who did strength exercises did 90 minutes of strength training with the use of dumbbells, machines and weights. They did these exercises two times in a week for 45 minutes for a total of 6 months. After a wait of 12 months, the results were quite good. The results revealed that these patients had a great improvement in their disease and quite well as well. This proved that weight lifting and strength training prevented brain degeneration.

How good is exercising for the brain?

Exercising is not only good for the body but it is great for the brain. It is not done only to tone down the body but to reduce the effects of brain degeneration. Exercising is the simplest way to reduce the risk of memory loss and Alzheimer disease. A study conducted revealed that people who did moderate physical activity had much better metabolism which in turn means a healthy brain as compared to those people who did less of it. Hence, it proves that exercising improves the brain health.

Exercising can do wonders for the brain and can go beyond the prevention of this disease. Those who exercise have a great brain volume as well. Aerobic exercising boosts the brain structure, cognition as well as the functioning of it. In short, exercising is a complete package if you want to stay healthy and prevent illness at all stages.

Add weights to your workout!

It is true that exercising is not only for the young and fresh but for people of all ages. If you are already going to the gym, adding lifting weights in your exercise regime can greatly help reducing the risk of getting brain diseases.

We have seen the proof of this by the help of studies conducted on individuals. Exercising and lifting heavy weights make the heart beat fast, which increases the flow of blood to the brain. This blood provides oxygen which is the best thing as brain is the biggest consumer of oxygen in the entire human body.

The bottom line

Therefore, as we have seen that lifting heavy weights can prevent brain degeneration, it is best to add this exercise in your daily routine. It does not matter whether you are young or old, if you want to prevent brain diseases, you should go for it.

For people who have a history of brain diseases in their family, they should specially pay attention to including lifting weights as an exercise in their daily lives to prevent brain degeneration.

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