10 top benefits for running with sleds


10 top Benefits for Running with Sleds


10 top Benefits for Running with Sleds


Sleds originate from the logging industry in Scandinavia and now come in all different shapes and sizes. The benefits of sled training are plentiful and lead to more than just muscle regeneration. They are very effective in athletic training and are great for conditioning. Read on to find out more about the benefits of sled training:



Running with sleds can improve weaknesses with glutes or hamstrings, along with other muscles you can’t see in the mirror, which at at the rear of your body. This training can also strengthen your upper body as you pull the sled, which can help with bad posture.

Improved acceleration

Acceleration is essential for most sports, so sled training enables you to do sprint-work instead of interfering too much with sprint mechanics. When an athlete uses a sled regularly, it makes their immune system fire harder and improves their speed and power, as well as helping the body to move against resistance and work harder with each step or repetition.

Sled training can be learnt easily

Sled training can be done by everyone and you can’t get it wrong. People who may have done other exercises incorrectly can pick up this training method easily without the risk of getting injured.



Functional strength

Sled training involves many different muscles and joints which perform functional movements. Your arms and legs work together to help you move, and you need a strong core to keep your body stable. This is important as your limbs build up force with the sled, and all the different surfaces you train on.

Sled training is implemented easily

Some people who take up this training are out of shape or have medical issues at first, which cause them to be wary about doing certain movements. This exercise isn’t hard to do and they will keep at it if they’re encouraged enough. The pulling movements can benefit those with knee or back problems and help them get stronger, so they can go on to do more challenging movements.

Injury prevention

There is no such thing as a “wrong movement” when using a sled. It can still be challenging but it is great for building up muscles without working them out too much. Sled training can be beneficial for rehabilitation and injury prevention, and is ideal for athletes recovering from injury to their lower body.


You can do it in groups

For those who prefer it, this training can be done in bootcamps or small teams. Running with sleds can be done as part of team challenges and undertaken in lots of different ways.

There’s more variety

From athletes to fitness fanatics, sled training is for everyone and offers something different to regular workouts, such as pull-ups or using dumbbells. It enables you to include elements of variety and fun to your workouts, as well as challenge yourself and your limits.

It isn’t intimidating or dangerous

Using barbells or weights can scare some people and put them off exercising. With sled training, they won’t have any preconceived ideas about it. It also doesn’t require the same intense actions other exercises need, which would have a detrimental effect on painful joints.


Both light and heavy sleds can each give you different benefits. For example, with a light sled you must sprint as fast as you can to build speed and acceleration. With a heavy sled, your muscular and cardiovascular endurance will increase and you will gain more strength in your lower body.

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