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FH Pro Speed Sled Sack Weight Sprint Trainer Power Bag

FH Pro Speed Sled Sack Weight Sprint Trainer Power Bag

Fitness Health

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Product Feature:

  • Non-marking sack can be used on grass or most indoor surfaces
  • Internal handle can be used to perform lower body exercises.
  • Has been tested with weights up to 40kg
  • Adjustable and Complete with steel carabiner
  • Bags are supplied empty and we recommend using standard dry pit sand for filling.



FH ATHLETE TRAINING EQUIPMENT - Variable speed sack product comes with interior lining for weights or weighted sandbag. Has been tested with weights up to 40kg. increase your speed with increased mobility and stability. Suitable for adults and children from 12 years up

OVERSPEED TRAINING for acceleration and deceleration improvement. The speed training sack improves your dynamic fitness ability with quicker turns and explosive jumps. Cutting edge resistance equipment brings a whole new approach to your workouts.

GREAT FOR RUNNING SHORT DISTANCES - helps to Improve your sprint. Explosive speed with weighted sledge training. Resistance will improve your speed using the overload principle, that, with a restriction on holding you back whilst moving forward/backwards will trigger more muscle fibres to work.

DIMENSIONS - Full width at 29CM with an internal height of 11CM and length of 35cm. Attachment waist belt fits up to 50 inch with extra padding for comfort. Adjustable and Complete with steel carabiner.

QUALITY ASSURANCE - We promise you our quality is up there with the best, if you are not satisfied with the product you can return the item within 30 days

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