5 strength benefits for using a Prowler Sled

5 strength benefits for using a Prowler Sled - Fitness Health


5 strength benefits for using a Prowler Sled 

Sleds are very effective in athletic training and are great for conditioning, and they are not as uncommon in this type of training as you might think. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and originate from the logging industry in Scandinavia. The most popular sled is the Prowler sled which can be dragged, pulled or pushed. Read on to find out how it can benefit you in your training:


Improved acceleration

Acceleration is essential for most sports. Sled training enables you to do sprint-work instead of interfering too much with sprint mechanics. It helps the body to move against resistance, and to work harder with each step or repetition. When an athlete uses a sled regularly, it makes their immune system fire harder and improves their speed and power.


Functional strength

Sled training involves many different muscles and joints which perform functional movements. Your arms and legs work together to help you move. Along with this, you need a strong core to keep your body stable as your limbs build up force with the sled, and all the different surfaces you train on.


Injury prevention

There is no negative movement you can make when using a sled. It can still be challenging but it is great for building up muscles without working them out too much. Sled training can be beneficial for rehabilitation and injury prevention, and is particularly recommended for athletes recovering from injury to their lower body.


More variety

No matter whether you’re an athlete or fitness fanatic, sled training offers something different to regular workout methods such as pull-ups or using dumbbells. It enables you to include elements of variety and fun to your workouts, and challenge yourself more.



Training with both a light and heavy sled will give you lots of varied benefits. With a light sled, you must sprint as fast as you can to build speed and acceleration. With a heavy sled, your muscular and cardiovascular endurance will increase and you will gain more strength in your lower body.






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