How to actually do body recomposition

How to actually do body recomposition - Fitness Health

 How to actually do body recomposition?

You must have come across the term ‘body recomposition’ many times, especially if you tend to visit the gym a lot. For those of you who might not know, body recomposition, usually known as recomp, is basically the process in which one reduces his or her body fat while adding muscle mass as well.

You might have seen men and women who used to be fat but are now quite lean instead. You might even be wondering what happened to them. Well, they likely went through body recomposition! While many people do believe that there is no such thing as body recomposition and that you can not reduce your fat while simultaneously gaining lean muscle mass, research has found otherwise. Body recomposition is possible. You can reduce fat and gain lean muscle mass but only if you know the right method!

Body Recomposition: All the factors that you must take care of

If you wish to get rid of all the extra fat that you’ve got and want to gain a completely lean body then you must focus on a few factors.

  • Your Diet

The first important thing for you to do is to follow a proper diet plan. Your diet plan must consist of the method known as cycling. This method refers to the fact that your daily intake of nutrients is modified for some specific days of the week. Basically, these modifications all follow the same basic rule, consume more calories on days when you workout rather than on days when you don’t.

This will provide you with the required amount energy that your body needs. Through this method you’ll be able to lose fat, gain lean muscle, optimize your hormones and it will also add to your vitality.

  • Your Training

Now while you’re eating more calories on the days you exercise you also need to make some changes to your training regime. On those days when you’ll be performing weight training, you can only train for 30 minutes and that is it!

However, you can perform any other exercise that you want and it can be intense workout. You just need to make sure that you do weight training for only 30 minutes, and that too only three times consistently per week. This will allow you to gain muscle in one of the most efficient ways.

  • Your Maintenance Calories

Another important factor that you need to follow in order for body recomposition is keeping track of how much calories you are allowed to consume and making sure that you don’t consume more. This will enable you to lose fat and gain muscle mass simultaneously.

You need to figure out your maintenance calories, and in order to do so, you must use your MFP Diet Profile. You will then have to set the profile goal in order to maintain your current weight. By doing this you’ll be provided with your Maintenance Calories which is the number of calories that you can consume.

Secondly, make sure that for your training days you increase your Maintenance Calories by at least 15 percent. Training days will only be those days when you’ll be lifting weights.  And for all those days when you are not hitting the gym for lifting weights, you will have to decrease your Maintenance Calories by at least 10 percent. 

Now for many people, body recomposition is a process that is extremely difficult to follow. However, with the help of the above mentioned methods you’ll find this process to be extremely easy. Body recomposition will allow you to get rid of all of all the unnecessary fat and you’ll begin to gain muscle mass which will make your body lean without adding any sort of bulk.


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