Knowing your Carb and protein intake

Knowing your calorie & protein intake


Knowing the different weight of intakes per gram is needed for any successful weight loss and weight gain program.

Counting and calculating your nutrient calorie intake with essential food sources protein, carbohydrate and fat. It's an important plan in every training program and getting these levels correct is vital. As you don't want your hard work to be ruined because your intake nutrient levels are too much or too less. 

A athlete will breakdown all foods and calculated the using the following formula. As getting this information right will mean correct and quicker gains in every aspect of fitness. 

Knowing how to calculate carbohydrates


Example. If the person weights 72 kg, you will need to complete the following calculations

Carbs are calculated by,  your body weight times by 5-7 g

i.e. 72kg x 7g=  Daily carb intake of 504g 

  • weight loss x 5 g
  • management x 7g
  • weight gain x 10 g

Weight loss 72 x 5g = 360g Carbohydrates

Weight gain 72 x 10g = 720g

Weight management 72 x 7g= 504g


Protein is measured in body weight measured in the similar way.

Example. I weight 72kg, to calculate my intake is easy.

Weight management 1.2g x 72kg = 86.4g

Weight or muscle gain 1.7g x 72kg = 122.4g

Weight loss 1.0g x 72kg= 72g 

By using the calculations above you can figure out  your own daily personal nutrient intake. The levels used in the details above are an essential part of development for weight loss, weight gain or body energy management. 

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