How to Improve Your Squats and Deadlifts Using YouTube

 How to Improve Your Squats and Deadlifts Using YouTube

Exercising is not only important for a healthy body but a healthy mind as well. Exercising helps you increase your immunity and metabolism, reduces the chances of heart diseases and stroke, balances your blood pressure and helps with obesity.

Not only this, but it also helps you achieve an ideal physique that boosts your self-esteem and confidence levels.

Talking about performing squats and deadlifts, they are the most important types of exercises. Squats help build muscle and its strength overall, contribute to maintaining mobility, burn extra fat, reduce the risks of injuries, strengthen your core, increase mobility and flexibility, build mental toughness and strengthen joints.

Whereas deadlifts also increase the fat burning system and help maintain a better posture. Furthermore, it enhances the amount of testosterone released in your body and increases your muscle mass and strength, prevents injury, strengthens and sculpts the core, keeps the heart healthy, builds your stamina, reduces depression, and engages more muscles as compared to any other exercise; even squats. 


How to perform these exercises at home?

Adding these exercises to your daily workout routine is important as it will help you get a healthy body and mind with your desired physique. But sometimes it's hard to take some time from your busy life and go to the gym on a daily basis. 

With the advancement in technology, people don't need a personal trainer in front of them to exercise. The internet has provided a lot of facilities, making our lives easier. Squats and deadlifts can be done at home by watching useful videos on YouTube.


How does YouTube help?

You can find a lot of videos and tutorials on YouTube that help you perform these exercises at home so you can save your time and money by not going to the gym. The videos present on this social platform can teach you these exercises in a step-by-step manner and help you stay fit.


There are a lot of videos that also explain the benefits of these exercises and tell why you should perform them. The best part about watching these videos and learning from them is that you can perform them anytime, whenever you want to.


Furthermore, you also don't need to spend money on hiring a personal trainer, and you can learn at home, providing more convenience for you. However, the thing you need to keep in mind is that you should be following the instructions of an expert. Working out in an improper manner will harm your body.

The Proper Way To Perform Squats and Deadlifts

Alan Thrall, the owner of Untamed Strength and an athlete, coach and a promoter of sports has some amazing videos uploaded on his YouTube channel that can teach you the proper way to perform squats, deadlifts, and other exercises.


His videos are filmed nicely and explain the exercises step by step, with every little detail that is important for people to improve their exercise regime.


Alan Thrall's methodologies and teaching styles and techniques are unique and easy to follow. As mentioned above, not knowing how to exercise correctly can harm your body. You need to know the proper manner in which a squat or deadlift should be performed.


Alan Thrall's videos can help explain everything to you so you can perform your workout in the proper manner to gain results. Also, you can leave comments or ask any questions you might have. Alan Thrall's YouTube page has a devoted community of viewers.


A lot of them will be willing to help answer your questions. Also, you can connect with others who are on a journey to get fit. This will give rise to support which will motivate you to become healthier.



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