how to set up a gym for under £100 in your office

Most of the time people don't opt for gym, as they either don't like the messy sweaty environment of a public gym or they can’t keep up with the commuting. So, what is the alternative? Building a gym inside your office, that’s the solution. For those who are thinking how? Here’s how you can build a gym inside your office under $100.

Building a gym in your office will give keep your from commuting as well as loosing time and energy.

Non-slip Mat:

The mat necessary for two things, for one thing it gives your mind the illusion of a designated gym site. This sends signals to the brain that this is legit exercise. The second benefit of the mat is that it gives you cushioning. Especially when you have an elaborated floor exercise routine. The mat ads you in doing your exercise in the yard or at the beach as well. A good quality mat can be bought in $15 easily.

Resistance Bands:

These are great, as they are light and portable. In addition to that they are also easy to store and don't take up a lot of space. the best part of having a resistant band is that it makes your exercise more intense. With a resistant band your glute workout becomes more challenging. You can add resistant bands to your squats and clamshells routine. Can be bought under $10.

Skipping rope:

The next best thing to add to your gym equipment is a skipping rope. It’s been proved that skipping is way better than running. It burns more calories and gives more strength to the lower body especially the lower back and legs. It not only elevated your heart rate but also emphasises the workout of shoulders, core, arms as well as legs. Easily available under $7.

Leg Bands:

Leg bands are cheap, lightweight as well as portable. You can take these anywhere. Various routines and exercises can be made challenging with leg bands, such as Squats, Standing Glute Kicks, Lateral Band Walks, etc. Similar to resistant bands these can be bought under $10.

Suspension Trainer:

If you have a spare room, that’s great. However, if you have a small corner, that is perfect to add a suspension trainer. All you need is to fix a rack to your wall and you are good. With a suspension trainer you can make your work outs more intense and engage your core even more.

Aerobic Step:

With its price as low as under $40, the aerobic step is the next best thing for your office gym. An aerobic step helps you take your exercise to the next level. Triceps Dip, Decline Press Up, Incline Press Up and Toe Tap can be pushed to next level with an aerobic step.


Swiss Ball:

A Swiss Ball more commonly known as a balance ball is a fun way to exercise. The ball also helps focus and keep your concentration undistractedly on your exercise routine. A standard ball is as big as 30 inches. Which is perfect for a small office gym. You can easily get a Swiss ball under $15.

Circuit Training Cards:

These are can be kept in a drawer and taken out when needed. These help you organise your workout routine to perfection. These A4 laminated cards have two images, one with a start position and one with the end position. These can easily be ordered online under $20.


All you need a small corner in your office, to make the perfect gym. You don't need heavy equipment to workout, all you need is the right way to workout.


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