Motivation 5 Things You Must Do In The Morning

Motivation 5 Things You Must Do In The Morning - Fitness Health


Leaving your bed in the morning is incredibly difficult, especially when your blanket is all comfy wrapped around you. If dark mornings make it challenging for you to get out of bed, then following a few tips can keep you motivational. So read on and learn all about them to make your day more active.

Top 5 Tips To Follow In The Morning

You may think that nothing you do can make you motivated in the morning, but that’s not true. These top 5 tips will provide you with good mental health and an active outlook towards your day.

  1. Don’t Snooze

Snoozing is the most common habit people follow in the morning. Many people think that getting a few more minutes of sleep will make them feel better when they get up, but that is not the case. Instead of providing you with a happy mood, snoozing can make you more irritated. This is because interrupted sleep of three to five minutes causes more damage than good. So avoid snoozing and try to put your alarm away from you so that you cannot snooze even if you want to.

  1. Have A Good Alarm Ringtone

This is another tip to follow for a motivational morning; it can be very irritating to wake up to an annoying alarm. Anything too blaring can cause you to wake up abruptly and instantly annoy your mood; however, a soothing alarm tone can do the opposite, make you have a calm and peaceful morning. So change your alarm tone to anything calm such as your favorite podcast or song.

  1. Turn The Lights On Right Away

If you want to feel motivated as soon as you get up from bed, then the first thing to do is instantly turn the lights on. As long as your room stays dark and without light, you will continue to feel lethargic and tired. So turn the lights on immediately and make sure you open the windows to get in some vItamin D for a healthy day.

  1. Do Something Small

Feeling motivated requires taking small steps, and accomplishing something will allow you to have more control over the day. Now doing something small can be anything such as making yourself a healthy acai bowl or a cup of coffee. You can also clean your work desk, wash your dishes or simply make your bed. Anything that can get you to become more active and alert will make you more motivated.

  1. Exercise Or Meditate

Once you are feeling alert, the most motivational thing to do is exercise. Exercising cause happy hormones to be released such as dopamine and serotonin and they make you feel good about yourself. They also provide you with a positive outlook towards your day and also strengthen your long-term memory. So, following a workout routine in the morning boosts your energy levels and also improves your overall mood.

However, if you do not want to exercise, then you can always meditate. Meditation is also a good idea to start a happy morning and leaves you with extreme relaxation. This relaxing feeling is achieved by activating your parasympathetic nervous system, so you can feel recharged, refreshed, and rejuvenated.


With these five tips, you have an incredibly motivated morning, and over time you will start looking forward to early mornings. Apart from this, some other things you can do to make your day even better include drinking plenty of water, making a to-do list for the day, listening to your favorite music, and wearing a dress that makes you feel confident. Keep in mind that motivation comes from within, and if you are not willing to change your lifestyle, then it can be very difficult to be motivated and active.



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