Resistance Bands Training How to Get Better Results

 Resistance Bands Training How to Get Better Results - Fitness Health


Resistance bands are a popular fitness tool that is often used in conjunction with other exercise equipment you can gain awesome results. As Resistance bands are most often used to increase the intensity of an exercise by providing resistance against the muscles being exercised.

There are many benefits of using resistance bands in training routines , these include the following:

- Provides resistance for all exercises

-  Can be used anywhere

-  Do not restrict movement  

-  Can be used in all plains of direction 

-  Can provide additional stability for balance exercises

- Can be added to free weights workouts 

- Can be ideal for increasing strength and power 

- Great for rehabilitation 

Resistance bands can be used to build muscle, burn fat, increase cardiovascular endurance, strengthen tendons and ligaments, and even increase flexibility. They are very versatile and can be used for a lot of different types of exercises. Resistance bands are used in a wide variety of exercise routines. These exercises are high impact, low impact, and cross-training. They can also be used for rehabilitation after an injury.

Physical trainers have been using resistance bands for years to develop their clients strengths and improve their workout efficiency and have gained popularity in recent years as an effective method of increasing muscular strength and size. In this article, we will discuss how resistance bands work, what the evidence is for resistance band training, how to use them, and how to integrate them into a training program.

How to use Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a new game changer. Unlike traditional weights, they're perfect for complete beginners because the movements are so much easier. The downside is that you need to be patient, as it takes time for your muscles to learn the movements. We were in that camp for years before we became convinced otherwise - but now we know resistance bands are better than weights!

Success comes in different forms, the most popular of which are those that help you build muscle mass or those that help you maintain a lean physique. That said, there are also those that typically come as a trade-off between weight management and your physical condition.


The following five points are key to success with resistive exercises:

  1. Practice all exercises without product until you are able to perform movement with control and confidence.
  2. Perform 1 to 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions during each exercise. If you are unable to perform these numbers then start with less repetitions 4-6.
  3. Rest for 10-20 seconds between sets.
  4. Warm up before every exercise session, a simple jog on the spot or step ups for 3 minutes will raise body temperature  and loosen the muscles ready for exercise .
  5. Maintain proper form throughout each exercise, if you begin to shake or feel pain stop and rest a little. You can alway return to the exercise when recovered.

Tip : Watch your form in the mirror for any imbalances you might have in terms of strength and flexibility


The benefits of resistance band training for range of motion

Unlike free weights, elastic-band training doesn’t rely on gravity to provide resistance. This increases its potential for use in more functional movements and sports specific activities.

One major downside to free weights is that they can only provide resistance in one plane. For instance, if you're doing an exercise with a dumbbell, it has to move in the vertical plane where it's resting on the ground. That means if you're lifting the weight up and down, your arm is moving in just one plane.

In contrast, resistance bands can be used for horizontal plane movements. This means that you can do exercises such as twisting your body from side to side or doing a punch or a kick. You can also mimic baseball exercises using them.

The benefits of resistance band training without gravity include:

In a space without gravity, astronauts lose muscle mass and bone density. In order to counteract these negative effects, astronauts have been using resistance bands while they perform various tasks in space.

Benefits of using Resistance bands with Free Weights 

Resistance bands are a great way to build muscle, as they provide you with the best of both worlds. They are elastic, so they won't hurt your muscles, and they provide a lot of resistance, so they can challenge you. When you use resistance bands to build muscle, you start with a low-resistance band and slowly increase that resistance over time. Bands are a great way to change the pace of your workout. They are also a great way to add variety to your routine.

At University of Louisiana at Lafayette students conducted a study where they attached resistance bands to free wights. The participants first experienced a period of three weeks where they were acclimatised to the bench press & just trained with free weights. At the end of the acute phase they were tested on their one-rep max for bench press training.

Group one only used free weights on the bench. Group two used about 85% free weight resistance and about 15% band resistance Both the weight-loss and weight-gain groups completed three weeks of training with a bench press weight equal to 85% of their 1RM, or a weight they could only perform 6 reps on. At the end of their three weeks, they retested the one-rep max and then switched

According to Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, they found that when subjects used bands and free weights in addition to their bench press they increased their strength by an average of 22 pounds. They discovered that just using barbells or dumbbells at the gym without power bands made them stronger too, by 17 pounds on average.

This Researchers found that when subjects added bands to their bench presses, they increased their strength gains by 5 pounds more than when they used free weights alone. That's a difference in 30%. It also applied to beginners, although it is worth noting. Despite beginning weight training with quite a lot of potential to see improvements, those who used bands as well as free weights were able to make even greater strength gains.


In conclusion  

Elastic resistance surpasses that of free weights in many ways. It has functional benefits like injury prevention and greater increases in power and explosiveness while also being more convenient to use. Let me assure you, something as simple as elastic bands can have the same benefits that free weights provide. You'll have to consider whether your tailored needs are best suited to using these types of equipment.



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