sports that can be played in a small garden

Sports is definitely a good idea; it doesn't matter whether you are sixteen or sixty. It is a healthy activity, and people from all age groups should indulge in every now and then. It is not necessary that you have to be a part of any particular team to indulge in any sports, you don’t even have to leave your house because your house garden is enough! All you need is some nice warm weather along with some sunshine, a couple of friends and you are good to go! We have listed down some really fun games that you can easily play in your garden without traveling anywhere. So just keep reading!

  1. BOWL

The simple bowl is one of the most loved sports globally. The main goal of this sports is quite simple all you need to do is roll the ball as close to the target as you can! This sport is also referred as Lawn Bowling, French Boules or Bocce Ball. This can be played in teams, in pairs and even one on one. It all depends on how many balls you have at that moment. The game is very feasible as it can easily be played on a lawn of any shape or size. Bowl can be a great sport if you have that competitive spirit in you because there is nothing more exciting and thrilling then knocking away one of your component's bowl.


This is one of the most loved outdoor sport. You can either play in singles or doubles. This means there can be a one on one match or there can be two teams with two players each. All you need to spend a delightful afternoon in your garden is some racquets, a net, and a shuttlecock, that’s it! It isn’t an expensive sport at all because racquets are pretty cheap and a net can easily be found in various sizes. If your garden isn’t very big, you can even use your clothesline as a divider. Just start playing and don’t forget to practice that serve!


A couple of rounds of croquet in your garden on a fine afternoon can be absolutely perfect! It can be played in doubles and singles just like badminton. Generally, it is supposed to be played in a space that is 17.5 meter by 14 meters, but the measurement of the court can easily be altered according to the size of your garden.


In swingball a tennis ball is tied with a pole and the player is supposed to hit it with a paddle. Swingball is loved by all as it is really fun to play against someone and you can even play it alone. This could be a really nice sport to play with friends and family!


Volleyball is so fun to play Game! The best part about this game is that you can accommodate a large number of people because there are two teams and each team can have up to six players! Yes, this is the perfect game to play with your entire family. The two teams are divided by a net, and the volleyball is supposed to be thrown to either sides by joining both of your hands together. So hurry up and call all your friends and family over for an afternoon decked with fun. Don’t forget to practice that bump though!

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