5 Reasons Sports Teams Should Use Speed Resistor Harnesses

5 Reasons Sports Teams Should Use Speed Resistor Harnesses - Fitness Health


Professional sports teams often have access to some of the best, most results-providing exercise equipment available. Even teams that are just in it for the fun can usually scrounge up some type of fitness gear to help them become better players.

Regardless of which one you’re on, here are five reasons why your team should be using speed resistor harnesses:

Reason #1: They give you more power. Working out with a speed resistor harness helps make you more powerful, more explosive. This means that you’re better able to change direction quickly, out-maneuvering your opponent.

Reason #2: They’ll make you faster players. Would your team benefit from getting faster? Whether you need more speed for rounding the bases or going from one end of the field or court to the other, this is just one advantage of training with a speed resistor harness.

Reason #3: They’ll help you improve your strength. If you’re involved in a sport that relies on your muscles in any way, then you can help develop them so they’re bigger and stronger with speed resistor harness training.

Reason #4: They don’t take up a lot of space. Most sports teams don’t have a lot of space to store extra equipment. If this is you, then speed resistor harnesses are the answer. Just keep them in a bag in the corner and you’re good to go.

Reason #5: They’re inexpensive to buy. Unless you play pro sports, you likely don’t have a huge budget for training equipment. This makes these a great option as speed harnesses can be purchased for under £20 each.

There you have it, five reasons why speed resistor harnesses are a must-have for your sports team’s training sessions. Now the only thing you have to do is start implementing them into your practices!

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