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  Body conditioning is mainly referred to a group of exercises and physical activities. These physical activities can play a vital role in increasing your stamina. The body conditioning exercises also burn fat and shape up your muscles. Many athletes use body conditioning exercises to improve their body for different sports. Before starting body conditioning, you must be aware of a few important things. There are a lot of advantages of body conditioning which includes a total body workout. It can also be the biggest reason for the increase in cardiovascular and muscular strength. Here is a list of a...

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  Muscular endurance exercises offer a lot of benefits for people who engage in repeated muscle movements over long periods of time. This includes a variety of different athletes, as well as people in more physically active or demanding jobs, like chiropractors and restaurant servers. The best way to build your muscle’s endurance is to focus on strength training movements using low weight or resistance while doing a large number of reps. This will help your muscles function more effectively for longer durations, helping you better handle the demands of a repeated activity, whether at work or play. Here are...

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    When you look in the mirror, glancing over your body to celebrate the areas that you’ve toned or to find muscles that perhaps need a little more work, do you ever turn entirely around and check out your back? And, if you do, do you see little rolls that you’d like to whittle down so that all that is left is muscles that are clearly defined and not covered up by a layer of fat? Here are some of the best exercises to help you achieve that goal: Plank. The plank is great for every major muscle group...

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Having discussed what CrossFit is in a previous article, it would be relevant to have a look at the most beneficial exercises one would undertake whilst partaking in CrossFit training. One of the staple group of exercises in CrossFit deals with the Olympic lifts. The snatch (#1), clean (#2) and jerk (#3) can all be divided into two basic phases.

First is the effort of the individual to speed up...

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  Standing overhead oblique ab exercise band extensions This resistance band exercise focuses on toning the sides the stomach, these are known as oblique muscles. After a completing a few of these exercises you will be sure to burn those love handles away. Muscles; Abs & obliques  Attached the door anchor to eye level in door, check by pulling the door anchor that placement is secure. 1. Hold on the handles with overhand grip and arms fully extended above head, slight bend at knee. 2. Keep arms in same position throughout exercise  the palms facing each other  arms straighten position. 3....

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