the best sports for cardio fitness increase

 Increase cardio fitness

Any exercise or sport that triggers your heart rate is termed as a cardio exercise. These exercises not only burn our calories and help us shed the extra pounds but also bring our muscles in shape and further their development. These can also be taken as the daily dose of aerobics that our body needs!
There are two types of cardio exercises, the first being high-intensity and, the other being low-intensity.
The high-intensity cardio exercises are preferred over the low-intensity ones as they burn our calories throughout the day, unlike the low-intensity ones that burn our calories only during the work-out period.

Cardio exercises help us in rapid loss of extra fat making our body slim. Moreover, they help in development and growth of our muscles making them stronger than they were ever before!

List of the best sports for cardio:

Running and jigging help to elevate your heart rate, but if you are too slow in the process, this might not be a very effective exercise. It is advisable that you make sprints for around 20 to 30 mins in order to keep your fat burning even after you have stopped running.

Cycling is a very effective way to burn calories and condition your heart. It is something highly recommended not only to youngsters but also to grown-ups as the benefits associated with it are numerous. This activity can help you burn as many calories as you want to depend on your speed and workout duration.

People do not normally consider racquetball a cardio sport but if we think about it, sprinting across the court for over 30 minutes can help you lose more than 400 calories!

The best idea to be a part of a high-intensity cardio workout routine is to become a part of a crew team.
Rowing helps you build all the major muscle mass of the body strengthening it to the core! Moreover, it also lets you lose more than 400 calories in just 30 minutes. It also increases body awareness and enhances body coordination to an appreciable degree. To carry this sport out, you do not have to be near a water station; you can also perform the exercise at the rowing machines at your nearby gym as they will produce the same effect.

Hockey, primarily Ice-hockey is a highly intense cardio sport. Hockey players move about the ice at high speeds for over 20 minutes in a row. This not only elevates their heart rate but also improves the flexibility and coordination of their bodies by several folds. If you are not very good at ice hockey or it is not something convenient for you, then you can always go for field hockey which has many if not all of the health benefits that ice hockey offers!

Soccer is very similar to hockey in terms that both require constant motion. Players are expected to keep themselves in continuous motion in order to have their hold on the ball; this is what makes this sport a high-intensity cardio sport as this is how it greatly elevate the heart rate. During a soccer game, a player shifts from jogging to sprinting and then back to jogging. These shifts play a role in improving the cardiovascular health of the player. Moreover, Soccer increases stamina and endurance of the body and makes it more flexible and coordinated.


All the sports mentioned above are great examples of cardio and can help you achieve the body you have always dreamt of having by not only shedding your weight but also shaping your muscles and providing them the strength to develop!




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