The most dangerous body supplements that people buy

The most dangerous body supplements that people buy - Fitness Health


Most of the body supplements producing companies advertise that their product is the answer to all the worries and hopes of people who want to lose or gain weight or build muscles strength. However, the results of these body supplements are not backed up by any medical certification.

There are various evidences of side effects of using these body supplements upon consumers. However, the demand of these body supplements is increasing day by day, particularly in people who have an eating disorder. The desire to lose weight led people to do insane things and put their own health on risk.

Why are weight loss or muscle building body supplements dangerous?

Many body supplements which claim to burn body fats or help in muscle building are usually harmless as they help in burning extra fats as well as help in metabolism boost up. But there are certain ingredients incorporated in these body supplements which may prove to be dangerous for an individual’s health.

The side effects may result in increased heart rate, high blood pressure to liver damage and rectal bleeding and even cause of cancer. Such ingredients if found in a body supplements are usually banned by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in order to protect the wellbeing of its consumers.

Following ingredients, if exist in a body supplement, are supposed to be dangerous for the health of its consumer.


It used to be one of the key ingredients of the famous body supplement called Fen-Phen, a diet supplement. However, it was an off-label supplement and linked with lung and heart damage. Fen-phen other key ingredient called Phentermine, still suggested for weight loss but one must consult a doctor first before using such body supplement.


Present in most of the weight loss body supplements like Day Diet,21 Double Slim,999 Fitness Essence etc. It is mainly associated with risk of stroke and heart attack and one of the weight loss body supplements called Meridia stopped its production in 2010 when a medical suggested its negative side effects on human health.


A Chinese herbal stimulant Ephedra, is incorporated in many weight loss body supplements. But it has a negative effect on the health heart as the risk of having a heart attack increases with its consumption. Although Ephedra has been banned in the U.S.A but there are many countries where it has been used off the label which causes a serious threat to the health of its buyers.


Body supplements like Akttive Capsules, Bethel and 8 Facto Diet incorporate this ingredient in their products for weight loss. This drug has been found to be a major cause of cancer in its users. As mentioned in FDA’s list of tainted weight loss products.


5.Dinitrophenol (DNP)

Mainly popular in body builders, is considered unfit for human consumption. Because of its key attribute to fasten the metabolism rate. As it is an industrial chemical and so it is highly toxic and poses serious repercussions for people who uses it. Several deaths are also being reported by consuming DNP.


 Reportedly a person who consumed this product died while many other experienced damages to Liver, Kidney and various other organs and reactions like Hepatitis and Jaundice.


However, many people experienced some side effects in one way or the other by consuming those body supplements which are not merely dangerous for health because of

  • Consuming pills more than recommended
  • Utilising body supplements without the prescription of doctor.
  • Combining supplements with other fat loss supplements, steroids and other stimulants


Therefore, people should keep in mind how to use these supplements under an expert’s supervision and in moderation to keep their lives away from any risk of severe health damage.




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