The most Efficient Ways of Gaining Muscle

The most Efficient Ways of Gaining Muscle - Fitness Health

 The most Efficient Ways of Gaining Muscle

Are you tired of your build?

Are you too skinny and want to gain some muscle? Or are you someone who has a lot of fat and are trying to lose some of it and build your muscle content instead? In both of these conditions building up muscle can be quite a challenge. It isn’t impossible but it is quite difficult.

In order to bulk up, you need to make a few changes. The first thing that you must do is change your training regimen. You’ll also need to keep a check on your calorie and nutrient intake and make some changes to your lifestyle. This will help you in building the muscles that you want!

Here are the best tips for the most efficient ways of gaining muscle.

What you should be doing

  1. The first thing that you should start with is consuming a good amount of protein. Make it a habit of yours to check the food labels before you buy them. Check the calories present in anything you buy, add 500 to that number. The obtained number is the total amount of calories that must consume each day. Your aim is to consume at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight. Your body fuel is protein. Therefore, you must make sure to consume the right amount.


  1. The next thing that you must do is lower your reps. This means that you can’t do more than 20 sets of reps per muscle group. In fact, try to do 12 sets only. The lesser reps you do the better. Make sure that you do not workout for more than 45 minutes. Also, try to do only 6-12 sets of reps. See to that you are using heavier weights and are moving through these reps at a controlled speed. Your sets of reps should last for a maximum 70 minutes.


  1. One of the most effective ways to gain muscle is either by training your entire body through a single workout or concentrating on the upper or lower part of the body in one session and concentrating on the other part in another session. You need to lifts such weights which require you to use a lot of muscles all at once. Such exercises also include squats, rows, deadlifts, etc.


  1. Do make sure that you stretch regularly. Either use a foam roller or get massages. This will allow you to become more flexible and will make stretching easier for you. Also, this way you won’t end up with any sort of injury and you’ll get some time to recover from your workout as well.

Some other things you can do for efficient ways of gaining muscle

Incorporate full-body exercises in your workout as the more muscles you are using the more hormones will be released that will help in stimulating muscle growth. Also, hit each of your muscle group with approximately the same volume. This will keep your training in balance and will allow you to grow muscle quickly and safely.

Eat at least five to six small meals a day. Do include protein and carbs in your meals as these will allow you to build muscle and lose fat. Drink protein shakes while working out as these are easier to digest and contain about 2 grams of carbs for every one gram of protein that you consume.

Make some changes to your workout regime. Keep changing the number of reps that you do and the exercises you indulge in. Make sure to sleep for at least six to eight hours. See that you do not train more than four times a week. Avoid all sorts of stress as psychological stress can cause one to gain body fat and lose muscle mass.

These were the best tips for most efficient ways of gaining muscle. Try and them out and see how they’ll change the way you look.


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