the use of caffeine powder as a pre-workout

 The Use Of Caffeine Powder As A Pre-Workout

Are you a night person and feels like dragging yourself to get for a tough morning workout?

Or are you wondering how can the guy next to you ace in every gym exercise when you seem to have to most strength?

Feeding to your curiosity, here is a secret that can help you stay wide-awake or to work out like a maniac for as long as it is required. 

Add some caffeine in your pre-workout drinks and see the difference. A cup of coffee or a caffeine intake can spark up a level of energy in your body thereby helping you t workout with more enthusiasm and determination. You may not always get the best workout drink in fancy and ravishing bottles, sometimes you have to visit places you never thought of gaining before your workout session- like a coffee shop.

However, to begin the caffeine intake you must consult the experts who can recommend you according to your weight. “A recommended target is about 1.5 mg of caffeine per pound of body weight,” says Clark.

If a person weighs 150 pounds he or she should go for at least 225 mg of caffeine which is equal to 12 to 18 ounces of coffee. If you having a cup of coffee you should take a break from your caffeine pills. An over consumption of caffeine can be detrimental for your health.

If you experience any of the symptoms including dizziness, irritation, mental fogginess, irritability and an increased heartbeat, you sure must be taking too much caffeine.

Caffeine intake and fuel you up with a number of benefits. Read on to take a closer look at the list of advantages you get by just having a cup of coffee before getting on your yoga mat.

Accelerates Fat Loss

Caffeine has fat burning properties and it can assist you in burning your calories while reducing your fats. If you go for having a cup of black coffee, you can be able to increase your metabolism and it burns calories than the ordinary one. It is by far the best appetite suppressant.

Increases Performance

Caffeine is regarded as the best pre-workout drink as it helps people in training for longer. It generates a great output power and an aid in boosting energy.

Improves Focus

Focus and attention are very important to bring the outcomes you want from your exercises and workout. The consumption of black coffee help in improving attentiveness, and mental focus. It makes the workout even more productive and effective.

Decreases Muscle Pain

Caffeine can lessen muscle pain and makes the mule even more energetic and ready for a tough workout. Moreover, caffeine consumption can even make you run faster, longer and more powerfully at the same time putting less pressure on your hear. It is recommended for cardio workouts too.

Prevents Disease

The presence of a high amount of antioxidant helps in protecting a body from many diseases. Coffee helps in protecting the damaging of free radicals. Furthermore, as per the study presented in 2011 by Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, its consumption can help in protecting against diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

That's how caffeine consumption can boost you up to perform at your best. However, be careful not to over-consume caffeine. Caffeine increases the amount of HCL in our body if taken at a higher proportion. Even if you didn't feel dizziness and irritation but you experience constant constipation, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Issues like bloating; digestion gases and leaky gut are also some of the few symptoms of over-consumption.


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