How to Create Your Own Gym In A Bag

How to Create Your Own Gym In A Bag - Fitness Health

In recent times, people have become more conscious regarding their weight and fitness levels. This is why fitness freaks add ‘Being fit and strong’ to their New Year’s resolution and goals. However, even if you love to exercise as much, it feels like there are sufficiently not hours in the day between work, family, driving, companions and rests to fit in a better than average exercise.

But how about creating your own portable gym in a BAG? Even if you are getting late for office or out of the city, still there will be no excuse for not working out. The Gym in a bag is recognized as the finest workout system over the globe.

Once you have made your mind of packaging up a gym idea, the exact contents of your gym bag may differ based on your personal preferences or your goals, but there are a number of items you should consider while creating your personalized gym bag.

  • Gym Bag – Get a suitable bag that keeps all your athletic essentials organized. Focus on ones with good quality, easy grip and different compartments for shoes, kit, and valuables.


  • Resistance bands – You are required to have 4 bands with different resistance levels. With these resistance bands, you will be able to perform almost any type of strength training exercise either it is chest presses, rows, shoulder presses, triceps extensions, bicep curls, and even squats, without requiring carrying heavyweights.



  • Skipping rope – Jumping rope is great for warm up and building strong bones. From performance and quality point of view, plastic beaded or segmented rope is unbeatable. Segmented rope weighs about half a pound, which makes it a preferable option.


  • Yoga Mat - There is no more outstanding symbol of contemporary yoga practice than the yoga mat. You are required to select the one with suitable size, proper thickness, portability, and design, so it will more accurately reflect who you are as practitioners.



  • Push up bars - They boost up the intensity and difficulty level of your workout while at the same time protecting your wrists as well. Push up bars is commonly bought in sets and they offer a firm hold and distance from the ground. Get those with are of high-quality construction, provide comfort during use and have a non-slip foam.


  • Sweat Towel - Sweating is undoubtedly a good sign; however it’s important that we remain hygienic during our workouts. Utilizing a sweat towel is the simplest way to prevent the spreading of germs and infections – and you from catching them.



  • Music – You can’t deny the role that music plays in workout sessions. Repeatedly, several types of research confirm that in order to workout harder, go faster, be stronger, feel less pain, and be more motivated listen to music while you exercise. So spend some time adding your favorite songs to the playlist to get the most out of your workout and making it enjoyable. And don’t forget your headphones.


  • Water Bottle – Staying hydrated during a workout is very important. Keep your water bottle with you and make sure ensure its without bisphenol A, keeps the water cool, is easy to carry, and if conceivable, filters your water
  • Post workout snacks – In order to recover from a high-intensity workout; a post-training snack is essential which can help keep you energized while and after you work out. Ideally, this should contain protein and carbohydrate in an easily digestible form such as a shake or bar.


  • Bandages – Do keep a few Band-Aids and other such items in your bad which mean that you can look after yourself if a minor accident occurs.





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