Used A Suspension Trainer? Tried Combining Them with Resistant Bands for Workouts

Used A Suspension Trainer? Tried Combining Them with Resistant Bands for Workouts - Fitness Health

Most people will tell you that suspension trainers are the best equipment for bodyweight training, which could be true. Now, try imagining adding resistant bands to your suspension training routine? The results could be just unbelievable.

On the one hand, suspension trainers improve your core strength and body balance, and on the other hand, resistant bands promote lean muscles and agility. But still, both workouts have other excellent benefits, which we’ll discuss, and the results of combining them are just phenomenal.   

Suspension Training

Suspension training is a form of workout that involves using a system of cables and ropes which encourage you to use your body to create some resistance against gravity.

Overall, here are the primary benefits that come with suspension training:

  • Core strength – Suspension training constantly engages your core muscles, and in the process, that improves your core strength.
  • Weight loss – Suspension training begets endurance and power, and you need the two to work out consistently and shed weight.
  • Cardiovascular endurance – Suspension training allows you to do high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strengthening your heart muscles and boosting your cardiovascular endurance.
  • Body balance – Suspension training enables you to exercise through a pre-defined motion range that isolates your body muscles. In the end, that improves your coordination and balance.

Resistance Band Training

Resistance band training is just what the name suggests. Here, you use a resistant band for weight training instead of actual weights. Unlike in suspension training, where you don’t have to hook anything anywhere, you need to attach or hook the band in resistance training to offer you the necessary resistance. 

Overall, resistance band training comes with these benefits:

  • Strength and power – Resistance bands allow you to engage your body muscles the way you do with weights, improving your muscular strength and power.
  • Lean muscles – Resistance bands incites your muscles to respond to the free weight training. The more you engage the muscles, the leaner they become.
  • Agility – Resistance bands allow you to pull fast and engage your joints more. In the long run, that boosts your joint mobility, and you become more agile.
  • Body stability – Like suspension training, the resistance bands engage your core and improve coordination and balance.

When You Combine These Training Methods

Since you now know what each method brings to the table, imagine combining them in your workouts! That’ll mean double the benefits and more flexibility. It’s also an excellent way to compensate for each method where it may be lacking.

Suspension trainers, for example, have a limited resistance range, while resistance bands have a broader resistance range. On the other hand, while suspension trainers are better calorie burners and core strengtheners, resistance bands are better muscle builders.

Let’s now talk about the results of combining the two.


Overall, combining resistance training with suspension training comes with these benefits:

  • Ability to do HIIT anywhere – Having suspension trainers and resistance bands offer you the convenience of turning your bedroom, backyard, or patio into a temporary gym and work out.
  • Newer, more effective workouts – Did you know that you can do over 50 exercises with suspension trainers? Well, you can also do the same number of exercises with resistance bands if you are creative. So, combining the two only allows you to discover newer and more effective workouts.
  • Full-body workouts – While suspension trainers are known to engage your body muscles and core, resistance bands allow you to do a bit of weightlifting without actual weights, which engages your whole body.
  • Small and lightweight equipment (portable options) – These two pieces of equipment are small and light, thus portable. You can carry them everywhere, including your travels.
  • More body strength and power – Both workout methods improve your body strength and power as strength training and muscle-building routines. That only means the benefits are double when you combine them.
  • More core strength – Suspension training and resistance band training engage the core, even though suspension training does more. In the long run, you improve your core strength by combining the two.

By considering the results of combining suspension training and resistance band training, it’s undeniable that resistance bands and suspension trainers are the best equipment for bodyweight training. So, having both of them is a plus.   

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